Thursday, September 02, 2010

almost there with hypnosis

no, not me.

after revisiting Brenda Big Tits Blog to look for her interesting captions which definitely have latex and MC elements to them (i've sent her loads of images in hope she does more btw) i spotted this quote about her experiences with Virtual Hypnotist and a script;

Miss Brenda's Finishing School for Young Ladies
Greetings, from the brink!

(The brink of what? Good question.)

Several things have happened since we last conversed, but I shall start with the item that I know is on all your minds: my recent adventures in hypnotism.

Oh, to be young and/or carefree again, that I might fully reap the fruits of my self-inflicted brainwashing! To be clear, I went deep... very deep. I went so deeply that I actually felt myself thinking and acting like a living Barbie Doll. It was the oddest sensation, to actually feel your own body betray you: stiff plastic-like limbs, forced smile, feeling compelled to say the same words over and over again, and feeling so much better when you did.

wow - it works!!!

the doll siren of precipice is calling me too; i've pretty well finished Stage 1 and the rest is over that edge. all i can do is go deeper. in Second Life i will jump and be utterly permanently changed by my beloved Mistress Rani (aka TSG). there's even a plan for a group ceremony to mark the occasion - all SL friends will be invited.

in RL(tm) - well i can't say for sure though i am following Mistress Rani's 30 day command to the letter and will be a better doll for it. more to come...


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