Friday, February 27, 2009

another yummy latex creature

i think i found it on deviant images, saved it and then forgot who it came from.

it got me thinking about being possessed by costumes and acting. no real conclusion i must say, its just and idea thats been floating around in my head after reading something my Steffy about how she changed her mannerisms and the way she interacted with people when wore the mask.

i guess in some ways that's why fashion works and celebrities or musicians are used to sell this or that. people want to connect and take on the power of the association with them.

...and my mannequin and latex fetish... i do wonder....


weird asian zentai advertisement

and maybe the follow on behind closed doors once you've eaten enough of them:

or maybe its simple doll programming.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

a short story

found on deviant art and used with permission by the author: Crimson Pimpernel.

Living Doll

Daniel turned the wrought iron door handle and pulled the solid oak door open. A lump weighed down his stomach, making him feel like he had swallowed a ball of solid lead. A crack of sunlight revealed a thousand pairs of glassy eyes staring into the musty darkness of the toy store's shadowy corridor.

The idea that anyone bought anything from this place was a miracle beyond his comprehension.

The sound of metal on porcelain danced through the air like the footfalls of some awkward metal pixie. Daniel approached the only semblance of light he could possibly determine wasn't supernatural, the doorway to the toy maker's workshop. The entrance to the room glowed like the maw of a terrifying beast. His eyes fell upon the toymaker, hunched over the workbench. The toy maker's pale forehead and cheeks shimmered with sweat. A look of surprise crept across his face as he realized the curvaceous form of the toymaker. Her deep green eyes seemed to stare into the young man's very soul and lay to bare every single one of his secrets. She placed the doll mask down on the table, her thin, soft fingers tracing the doll's lips which where curled and tightened into a rather surprised “O”shape.

“Your name is Daniel, correct?” The woman's voice was like the surface of the dolls she so lovingly crafted, smooth, cool, soft at first impression but in truth was harder than ice.

“Uh, yeah. You needed a temp, right?” Daniel's eyes had all the look of a deer caught in the headlights of a panzer. “That's correct. Tell me, Daniel” The toymaker began, taking up the surprised doll mask and examining it carefully, admiring the convincing look of the blushing beauty she had hand crafted. “...Do you like dolls?”

Dolls had no real significance to the young man. “Er...They're fine I guess.” Better think of a way to appeal to her, or I could be in deep. He thought frantically to himself. “Er, I mean I love dolls! I play with them all the time!” The words shot out, like a bird let loose from it's cage, wild, unpredictable, and ultimately big trouble.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be cared for, played with every day?” The woman's words hung in the air among the dust motes. Daniel took the question as his cue to run. He slowly backed away towards the room's entrance and quickly whipped around and ran for the door.

However, his dash was interrupted by something small wrapping around his ankle. The floor became too close to his face for comfort.

The world went white.

Daniel awoke to a feeling of something cold and hard clasping around his legs. His eyes opened, letting the world come into focus just enough so he could see the toymaker had covered his feet and legs in a pair of cool, jointed porcelain stockings, locking them in place with a cruel looking iron key. He reached out to pull the porcelain leggings off, only to find his hands and arms themselves were forced into the inhibiting porcelain armor. His fingers were forced into a straight, flat, formation, reminding him of the cheap Bruce Lee movies he was so fond of. His faithful skull-and-crossbones boxers had been replaced with a pair of hello kitty panties (Not that he could feel them through the chastity belt.)

He opened his mouth, preparing to chew the terrible woman out, however, his tyraid was interrupted by a cool, sleek, metal ring gag. It was fastened tightly over his head with almost no effort. His loud and rage-fueled statements only coming out as: “Araraaaa! Raaaa! Aaa!”

The toymaker giggled at the captive boy attempts to escape, his porcelain coated feet attempting to stand the boy up from the fluffy pink chair she had so efficiently fastened him to.

“And now,” She chirped, “For the Piece de resistance” Her voice was sugary sweet, terrifying to the trapped young man.
'Was this it? Was she going to kill me? Inject me with heroine? Oh god, what if she sells me to white slavery?!' The thoughts swirled in his mind in a chaotic torrent of terror. His hands trembled in the hard porcelain covers. The toymaker held something he couldn't see in her hands. He assumed the worse and clenched his eyes tight, not wanting to witness the terrors he would soon endure.

Something tight and rubbery covered his head, pressing his hair down against his head. He looked up at the toymaker, rather confused as to what had happened. “Just a little vinyl rubber hood to keep your pretty little face from getting dirty.” She playfully patted his rubber-covered cheek before slipping the blinding porcelain mask over his face. Bright blue glass eyes covered his own, leaving him unable to see anything. Something hard and sharp pricked his neck, and once more, the world went white.

“Do you like her?” The Toymaker hovered over her patron's shoulder. The red headed woman admired the look of the life-sized doll who looked up at her with cheerful eyes and a perpetual look of surprise that seemed to practically screamed. “Oh my goodness” In a sugar-coated voice that would make Sherlie Temple jealous. The patron licked her ruby lips with a silken pink tounge. “I'll take her.” She finally told the toymaker with a cheerful smile. The doll's pink ruffled dress bobbed up and down as her pointed feet attempted to pull her from the harness that held her to the wall of the store.

The doll struggled and grunted with “Excitement” as “She” was carried away to the red Camero. A new life of “playtime” Would be in her future.


Author's Comments
I decided to deviate a little from the latex path and explore the possibility of Porcelain in bondage. But then again, no real ties or chains are used, perhaps our little doll enjoyed their transformation?


check out his page for some more doll related fetish fiction.


japanese model mask?

anyone have more information on this? the constant smiling is somewhat creepy although the mask looks to be well made and it fits the wearer really well.

actually that would be a great idea for a fashion show - pick one of the models and have masks made from her for all the models on the catwalk to wear.


Friday, February 20, 2009

a fetish comic series

when looking through Shunz's favourites over at Deviant Art I spotted a comic strip called Novilunium with its teaser comic bellow.

click on it for the full sized image as it will be easier to read. the source page for it and the artist is here.

that initial comic struck me, not just the black shiny latex, but more importantly the idea of creating a latex avatar you wore and merged with in a magical way.

i wonder is that what i'm doing in second life and my blog? some of you will know...


just like the stories

i was on another hunt around google for recent news on the latex/leather legging trend and happened upon this photo from The Daily Mail. i almost continued on as i realized it was a posed photo and not really latex at all but some sort of leather.

then i actually read it: Going bananas for IV: The A-lister's new diet craze involving an intravenous drip and a bag full of vitamin

read the full article here.

now doesn't that oh so sound familiar? all they need now is to be locked in polished pink plastic and a tube collecting their pee and left in the windows of Liberty.


deviant art collection

you don't need to be an artist to get a Deviant Art account and you could just collect images into your favourites as these were by Shunz.
so here's a quick picks of the ones i liked from his collection. all very different styles with themes and a fetish doll vibe that runs through them all. go have a look and if you set up one along the lines of the content of dollsrealm then let me know asap.

maybe you want to be the Deviant Art correspondent for the blog?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so i can play a musical instrument

very unintentionally of course and it sounds only a bit like this:

my epson printers off to be repaired and cleaned so was inspired to post this.


Monday, February 16, 2009

how do you say...

i've been wrestling with blogger yet again. it seems not only does the damned age verification flash page stop the easy backing up of the blog, its also blocking any translator widgets i try to install.

so no one can easily access the page and have it converted into their own language as so many other blogs already do.

an idea came to mind that i could change the metatags to include more international terms but then i realized that its working well in english so why mess with it.

the plan now is to collect as many translations of key words and just put them in one of the posts.

please comment and add translations with english = " xxxx"

i do do gummi puppen is rubber doll so there's one.


red latex - times two

in a bathtub and looking to be having some real fun.

its made by Kinky Rubber World as a teaser for their pay site which is in both german and english.

grey military gas masks aren't at all my thing although they looked much better once a red sheath layer was pulled over them to make the women all red.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marilyn Monroe has been sold

i have sadly been very so slow i updating my blog this week so i totally missed a timely posting of this interesting lead from Xu Xu in Canada. not that i personally know anyone with enough money to add this Monroe Mannequin to their collection.

and she went for a lot. really a staggering amount at $7,100 in the end.

a complete set of full resolution images is at auctiva here.

there's an illustrated story to be told with these images. anyone care to have a go and i will post the best one on the blog?


german trends

i do like killing time by looking at ebay in the UK, France and Germany. each are unique and have different strong trends compared to the other countries.

Ebay UK for example has a lot of new designers in latex as well as a variety of molded items. in Ebay France there's very little latex relative to the UK but it's definately the place to go to for thigh boots from basics too Gucci where as over here we're stuck with 'Pretty Woman' styled basics from Pleaser. more on my finds in another much delayed entry.

so after some searching and figuring out what word to translate into; i found the latex legging trend to be strong in Germany as well the same material used for loose fitting dresses. very yummy.

it was also the first time i've ever seen leopard print pvc leggings anywhere besides old punk albums.

generally i've found that google translate to be fine for communication with the sellers and if they take paypal then its easy peasy though shipping times can be long. i have a tendency not to mind and opt for surface mail. that way it may take a month or more, but then its a nice surprise when it arrives.

so do look around the world for deals and great finds on the various ebay's. we can be really limited to styles with major brand repeating the same thing over and over with nothing more than the addition of their own labels.


latex dolls from australia

i was reading and came across a new company based in Australia called V Latex. i browsed the site and noticed not one latex doll but several variations as well as a kitty and a doggy.

you'll need to go to the section marked Costumes and browse the images and pop up information on the Dollsuit, Dolly Tits, Heavy Dollsuit and LOVEDOLL which is described:

This uniquely lettered catsuit is for the lovedoll in all of us. You can try an resist, but in this catsuit you will be converted into just one of the many wet lovedolls. It is designed in anime style with lettering down the leg to indicate the designation of the wearer. Your lovedoll suit will be assigned a unique number on the chest, which will be the only means of differentiating you from our other automated dolls. Available in your choice of two colors. Hood not included but can be added. Zip color may differ from picture depending on availability.

the anime styled heavy doll hood is really great and i wonder if they will be pushing the cross over from latex fetishism to anime. they are also unique to implement on their page the 3d itunes like navigation system and web browser plugin Cool Iris

looking at the range of dolls on offer i really do wonder when a latex designer will start to make the Bane Suit from cult rubber fiction authoress Evil Dolly's story Eudeamon which already has been realized and for sale within Second Life and taken on a life of its own.


how to make...

your own pair of latex leggings thanks to a new step by step photo blog by 3xl's partner Latex Kitty.

the blog is unsurprisingly Making Latex Clothing as a start and will i'd imagine move along to other classic latex staples.

with the dollar and the euro so strong against the pound then getting real latex from Radical Rubber or 4D won't be too hard and major saving over a year ago when the rates were close to two dollars to the pound.

a few years ago i did try making something and managed a pair of leggings from very thin latex though they were pretty awful with a closer examination. it really requires the right tools, the right glue and also a very large flat surface which my kitchen table isn't really suited for. oh and patience which i've been told i lack on more than one occasion.

thanks to Matt, Throughfare and then to for this link. surprised they didn't email it to me directly.


color latex gives them away

it was a few weeks ago when it happened again for a third memorable time. 

i was wearing my white latex body from morning under my work clothes till bed time. all fine. then i woke about 3am with random invisible itches appearing and disappearing all over my torso where the latex was in contact with my skin. when i mean invisible i do mean invisible. no redness or any sign or blisters etc.

it kept me up (i can be a light sleeper). i tried a hot bath which would be a bad idea if it was a infection reaction. it made things better and for that 20-30 min i didn't notice them. i had taken some meds for it and really wasn't working.

i slept furtively for the rest of the night and was pretty well a right off for the rest of the day.

so my conclusion now is that there's something in the curing or manufacturing process - extra chemicals or whatever - that the Chinese use that is reacting against my skin.

i've had this happen several times now and at least this wasn't as bad as it has been with the skinny jeans and the catsuit. first i thought it was a heat rash reaction but that would be made worse in a hot bath now wouldn't it? where-as a hot bath gives me some time without the grating annoyance.

so a bit of research later and a flash back to some news stories about leather sofa's causing burns - i came up with the idea and it maybe only affecting me that its definitely not a heat rash but chemical poisoning.

just have a google for formaldehyde skin reaction chinese and you'll find some worrying articles.

so besides what i currently own i don't plan on buying any more. the blouses i wear i normally have a long sleeve top underneath and a thick pair of black tights seem to insulate the skinny jeans and jodpurs.

again if this was heat rash then it wouldn't make a difference about the top or the pantyhose.

now this maybe only my problem. 

most people may not react at all too it. but its worth keeping in mind as there's loads of new start up latex designers importing from China or selling direct from there on ebay. i've noticed one way to tell i they all use the same color palette of latex and sometimes identical photo's along with measurement charts.

if you have detergent sensitivity then thats a good sign to avoid it too. please post any similar observations.


Friday, February 13, 2009

anyone know how to do it?

i've been trying to add a page translator to this blog and on my second attempt today its not going too well.

the perfect one appears to be at the Telenovela Love Garden which weirdly has used the same template at this one.

the translation features works perfectly on that blog; just press the flag of your language and the page is then made into said language.

though i am wondering if part of the problem is the age warning page that interrupts the viewer from going directly to the blog?


if models are hard to find....

then why not try dolls? they show up when you bring them to the studio, they really good at holding a pose and very silent. still you would need special lenses to make them look life size i'd imagine and clothes might be hard to find although would be easier to get shoes that fit once you know their size.

has anyone tried doing this and what were the results? the entire area of designer doll's i've never really covered at all beyond a passing mention here and there.

thanks to john for sending these images of amazingly made up and dressed dolls too me.


Monday, February 09, 2009

blog lost in europe?

its now semi official. i've had someone else besides germany report that they no longer can look at my blog.

anyone know what's happening? is it just me or is it the blogger content warning that ISP's are taking as gospel?

please please email me or post in comments if you know what's happening.



seems its a browser issue according to recent comment:

It also seems that the code of blogger has changed so that older browsers do not work any more. An update to the latest IE or Firefox should fix some of that.

latex with a sense of humour

and it illustrates that anyone can be turned into a latex sexpot with makeup, a catsuit and a good polish. ;-)


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

meanwhile in second life...

i've had my Fantastic Rubber mannequin neck entry catsuit recreated in second life by Kai at Powers of Creation latex (POC) and i have been wearing that around Doll Works as well when modeling for POC. loads of people have asked about it and so i direct them to Fantastic Rubber for real life wearable ones and to the SL store for the digital version.

thinking back to my childhood i am not sure which came first, though i am pretty sure it was my interest of mannequins when i was young; beautiful women and dresses sealed untouchable behind glass windows in malls and in department stores. then or maybe at the same time the idea of wearing latex when i played with balloons. i could get my hand into one if i bunched it up into a fist and even my foot although by that point it had deflated and it was uncomfortable to have on for any length of time.

still the feeling of my body totally transformed into this super smooth slick and squeaky material had a big impact and even without knowing anything about latex fetishism and fashion, i wanted to have latex skin. in many ways i still do and am still working towards that possibility with leading lights like LatexLady guiding the way.

so here i am in second life at Doll Works put into the Evil Tube by craftswoman extraordinaire Miss JaneDoe where i can't move or be let out until the counter times out. i'm wearing the POC mannequin catsuit and the new lockable metal ball gag by Miss JaneDoe who is the only one with the key and who sets the timer on the tube for half days and sometimes much longer.

the other thing that can be done in the 3d computer graphic world of Second Life is to make films and i'm the subject of my own little video by Pye in Australia. its a work in progress and somehow the titles fell off but its interesting and worth sharing to the readers here.

pye explained:

i'd wanted to take a shot of Asudem (of Dolls Realm) for quite sometime..

Her ideas and commitment in 'Dollification' have been a big inspiration for my art , in and outer world, so this is a thank
you to the doll.

Its interesting conceptually so maybe ill make more films about this rather obscure kink

again the catsuit worn is Powers of Creation and is made to match my HW Design's real life hood with clear heart shaped face as worn by all top fetish models.


PS: if anyone knows how to do links from web to Second Life locations in world. could you please let me know?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

latex leggings continue to make converts

this cross over fashion trend is showing no sign of dying let alone slowing down in the slightest. reports in from England says they're absolutely everywhere and most small boutiques as well as larger fashion chains are producing their own versions.

true latex leggings seem to be elusive but the subject of surprised converts - once they find find them of course.  experiences with both mock and real latex leggings can be found at The Student Room's thread on them. is this introducing a whole new younger generation too latex? 

Re: latex leggings - anyone tried a pair?

I love them, they are so cool! I'm planning on getting a pair but not sure where to look- sex shop? :-) I don't think they'll uncomfortable, but I'm vaiting for an answer too!

check the link to the full entry.

meanwhile the chatter on The Fashion Spot continues and is up to 70 pages on the subject with drifting back and froth from K+T, AA's, other brands and leather skinny jeans.

wonder what it will be like when the weather gets warmer to wear them? and which latex designer will step up and dominate the mainstream fashion market with their own version?

oh and just a final reminder - Libidex's online sale continues with 25% off web prices. so real basic tights are only 50£ = 70$-ish (due to weak pound and discount) or real leggings 40£ = 56$!!!!!!!   and a few more !!!!!

who needs crappy mock K+T ones now at those prices???


london latex mannequins

just sent in by Black Ice as he was in London for meetings on friday and happened around the 'West End' and spotted several interesting windows.

sadly he says, he only had is cellphone with him so the photo's aren't great. he said in the email he might be back this week and he'll bring a better camera and one that does video too.

fingers crossed for better ones of the same subjects - video would be great!