Wednesday, May 06, 2020

it took me awhile

any ideas?

buy them on sale here

yet another sale season on at Aliexpress.  US $3.41 - 7.90 from US $5.25 - 12.15  -35%


i could't resist

Saturday, May 02, 2020

future fashion post corona

i read that there's a lot of 3d printer hackers making things a well.

one sneeze and...

what they really need to complete the look is the re-engineered Acquo tall soft rubber boots. now theirs a sale on of 2nds and the new generation is made that are much glossier. the first run are good, not a flat as normal rubber boots, but not wet latex or super gloss black pvc look.

they're 40% off so actually affordable now here at Acquo Boots Outlet.

more locally Sigerson and Morrison had knee high variants in jelly bean colors and black of course. i had two pair so far - and wore them to the point they fell apart.

i heard from my uk contributor who did a space girl shoot - biggest problem was it steaming up. apparently the motor cyclists have it solved tho.

so the only people to survive is the hard core rubberists and the techno ravers?