Sunday, May 22, 2016

the Rubber Sisters in 3d?

yes its true!!!

my UK correspondent who also contributes to Skin Two magazine and shoots at Torture Garden spent a day filming the The Rubber Sisters in Brighton in a fancy hotel used by politicians for their annual conferences as well along the seaside in Brighton and a final long scenes in a Hove dungeon (apparently that where they all are).

and while the footage turned into two clips on their website - it turns out it was all shot in 3d!!! james cameron eat your hear out - no computer generated blue cat people here (although it does exist as a 3d porn film) here.

here's a proof he sent me and he also added he's meeting with the two local dommes in the film to nail down ideas to turn the scenes into a full short film. with a plot and everything!

waiting on more news. if you have a pair of old fashioned red/cyan glasses then you can see this frame in 3d.

now could the kind sponsor of my mask from Doc Vanderlay please arrange to post it to him so i can appear in the film by proxy? maybe i should just have my Second Life avatar head mailed around the world to appear in fetish films? Emma Lee???


jet setting latex doll embraced by the fashionistas around the world...

its Pandemonia Panacea btw and she's so easy to find on google. no longer a secret corner of the internet. i want her hair!


so far behind....

having just posted the collaborated captioned, i noticed i had 6+ entries waiting to be finished...

then there's a stack of links and a few downloaded images like the bellow from Simon O

couture rubber doll?

and here's another site i was directed too; Vibe Hypnosis - check it out - free mp3s and this is the selection i've found of personal interest. i do find he reminds me of Klaus the fish from American Dad... but i've not given a proper listen to any of them. please do and post results in comments.


a collaboration with zoliborz on deviant art

i wrote the text based on a brief caption i found elsewhere. then he corrected all the spelling and gramar errors and found perfect images to create the end results above.

his page on deviantart is here.

check out his other work and if your an image junky your welcome to see my 'collections' there which can be found by hitting this link.

also do free free to recommend other artists to me.