Monday, October 29, 2007

dita in the oval office

how to get interest...

another totally random find after reading some msg board somewhere. this sort of sums up my dislike for myspace, facebook, god-knows-what the lastest one is.

its also a major cliche on what people expect from these things - blogs too.

click here for the first full pannel and continue onto the next page for the conclusion.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the 5 inch devide....

its finally sunk in that to be stuck in 5 inch heels or higher one must always wear 5 inch heels or higher. i know it maybe obvious but its not till you are wearing the 4's comfortably and then switch up to 5's that you realise that a major threshold has been crossed. the difference between 4 and 5's on how you walk and hold yourself is vast.

of course this all depends on how tall you are and what size shoes you take in the first place. obviously its an arch angle thing so if your size 5 feet then 4 inch heels would be like 5's or higher even. i bet there's a chart ou there of where the cross over point is...

anyway the one thing i'm finding or not finding really is 5 heels i like the look of. there's looooads of fetish ones from Pleaser but they reek of stripper / pole dancerness. and those ones with the thick platforms - well even the top designers do them i stilll think they're for women who have loose 1$s down thier postage stamp sized panties.

i do have a nice pair of marry janes in patent leather now that are 5's and the pleaser basic strappy are 5's too. the former will take some time to break in though thank god the pleasers are finally wearable.

meanwhile i've been scouring shoe sites, ebay and where ever to satisfy my picky taste in shoes.

i did see these two on sites somewhere (above one is a pay model site) and the other i just can't remember. but i do like the idea of a totally clear wedge.

though for the life of me i have no idea where its from. i tend to save images to my DR folder and then totally forget where they're from.

oh well. if u find any online retailers then do post it comments. and payless shoe source doesn't count. ;-)


they want you to wear PVC all the time

i guess its down to audience and buyer education in the end and this site here goes along way to explaining and even encouraging people to make PVC daily wear - too germans anyway. and with some practice its even possible apparently to permantly wear PVC underwear.

the site suggests:

… To transfer to PVC underwear is at the best during into the vacation. Three weeks in the spring are ideal. First one carries only by the hour for the PVC pants, then also a whole night. After approx. 3 days then each night and starting from day 4 also all day long….

you can expand your PVC underwear at their main site New Line Leipzig.

wonder if someone should do a similiar site or FAQ for latex?


nice video, shame about the music

i found this mentioned on and admittedly watched it the first time with the sound off and really loved the visuals. the second time with the sound on and the music really wasn't my thing. so i keep the sound off..

nice little story too it too. and yes, there is some scenes with latex in it...


a new forum for...

well people like me i guess at

there's loads of the normal stuff in the forums with finds, media, fantasy and even two running interactive stories people add to. i'm in there after introducing my character to the Toy Shop of Doom thread but not written an entry myself.

do go check it out and dive in, the waters fine!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

the question of gifts, money, sponsorship and...

its been on my mind for awhile now and i'm still juggling it all around in my mind. yes i've revieved a couple of things but saying that it was what was offered and i didn't go out asking for it.

so there's tha and maybe even a voluntary subscription? bu then i guess i'd feel more obligated to pose in latex even though i'm no model.

well comment away.....


second life to real life - shoes

i remember seeing a pair of shoes that were too OTT for me in the fashion mags but they had this interesting circular heel. the entire heel was a big circle. now if memory serves they were gold and sort of jewel encrusted too.

last week i happend upon a pair of shoes like those in SL which i promptly got, but due to prim counts and whatnot they were devoid of the jewels and thus much more streamlines and refined imho.

wandering around sites looking for pairs of 5 inch shoes i'd actually wear which weren't too 'strippery', i did see something similar on a shoe site (opposite) but the base is way too big an its all a bit too chunky for me. sort of falls into stipper territory. stupidly i can't even find these again in their homepage.

has anyone seen something similiar thats not a silly price jewel encrusted shoe?


backlogged on emails

sorry everyone, i'm backlogged on email and i will reply. sl has been eating my time and i ended up working on saturday with a busy week before.

so poop'd out and slacking in my 5 inch heel training - down to only 4's when i'm rushing around. early week after i get monday out of my hair i think things will be better.


Monday, October 15, 2007

tale of the dollmaker

this is one of those videos that has haunted the memories of doll fetishists since it aired a long time ago. its an episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' that has a rather twilight zone feel too it. well finally someone uploaded it to youtube in a pretty decent quality.

here's part one with the rest listed on the youtube page.

are there any ones that are stuck in your head from years ago, or even scene's of movies. how about the Get Smart episode with the mannequins?


Sunday, October 14, 2007

skinny latex jeans and more

well after waiting almost a month for my order from the far east, my latex items finally arrived last thursday. to recap as i'm not sure if i went into all the details, it was a pair of new latex jeans as my last pair ripped, a semi transparent nightgown (based on the one bellow) with an added zip at the bottom to turn it into a sleep sack and a new blouse.

i tried on the jeans immediately and they were a tighter fit than planned. possibly closer to leggings or i guess in fact the skinny jeans that are in fashion now with the rock chick look. when i tried on the blouse i realised what had happend. i'd given the maker the measurements i wanted them to be and not my actual measurements. so i ended up with items either smaller or larger than my original specifications.

i'll need to be clearer in future and specify which ones i want made to exactly what size.

so after wearing them all day i noticed the next day that my legs had random pin pricks appear and disappear pretty quickly on my skin. one or so every 10 secs, like quick and invisible bug bites. its was pretty disconcerning so i had a really hot bath again and scrubed myself down. i then took all the latex, did a hand wash in the remaining of the bath water at which point the water turned tea brown!!!

all three items then went into the washing machine on gentle and just a teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent. 30 min later and the was was done, i carefully dried it all out with spare bath towells. when completely dried i talc at all immediately as that type of deep machine wash will clean latex so well that it will stick to itself the second its dry. and just not slightly stick, i mean really almost glue like stick.

by the afternoon the weird pin prick feeling in my legs were gone and my guess that it was the latex or something on the latex was right. thinking back i remember the same colour sludge coming off the Denbar latex so maybe its a manufacturing residue of the actual latex. something to keep in mind when ordering anything off ebay.

so i've pretty well been wearing the skinny latex jeans daily at home since i've had them.

the 2nd day after the deep wash i put on the new blouse and realistation hit me pretty hard - OMG!! i am so wearing latex all the time. its no longer this fantasy, this dream this distant doll training, i am really utterly becoming the latex woman.

i litterly bounced around the room when the penny dropped. well as much bouncing as possible in 4' heels but you get the picture.

so i'm renewed in my focus and energy in doll and latex training now. i'm planning my next order which will be a couple more tops - one based on the satin designer one bellw and a pair of breeches/jodpurs with the curved sticky out bit on the upper thighs. i hear the riding motif is coming back this fall...


pink rubber and knee high

still hunting for high heeled rain boots on ebay i came across these neat Esprit totally rubber high top sneakers. and they're pink too! sadly, so sadly i'm not wearing flats at all any more as i am realy working on my heel training with the aim of getting 'stuck' in them.

also from Esprit is their bright pink basic rain boots. seems to be something with Esprit and molded footwear. i guess at the end of the day the designers are realising that molded boots, shoes etc are way faster to make and probably a whole lot cheaper. wish some of them would make a stylish 'croc' killer as i really hate those things. if any are listening - a 4' heel minimum please!

i did also find in my trawl the out of production Siger Morrison 'Rain or Shine' rain boots with the very tall knee high shaft in case anyone is after a pair. they're the closest any designer has recently got too the cult and very expensive and rare 'acquo' rain boots which do have decent heels on them and some version are thigh high! these are still on ebay here if anyone wants to nab them with BIN. they are really soft latex compared to normal rain boots but they don't stretch as much as i'd like.

now if any clever bunnies out there know if i can get mine modified and put a tall block heel on mine, i'd be gratefull. or even better those fashionistas reading can direct me to new, for sale like now rain boots with heels then email me or post a comment.


an image waiting for a story

as found by sick puppy and posted in comments. its just screaming to have a story about it and how she ended up there. or maybe thats the start of the story with images to come we've not seen yet?

care to have a go?


my 4's are flats so my 5's are...

i've stepped up my heel training and am now in 5's most days all day now. the 4 inch KR heeled Melissa's I still love but they're feeling to me like flats. i really wish they're were higher but i do wear them in the middle of the night like slippers when i use the bathroom and first thing in the morning before i head out to work.

i was in the bath this morning taking a very leisurely soak and looked down at my feet an noticed the arches are really pronounced. so much so its just the heel and frount of my feet that will ever touch the ground. i've never noticed them to be this way before. i tried to flatten them and they just stayed that way. seems the heel wearing is finally sticking.

i'm not trapped in them yet, but i think its a significant sign.

the 5's are pretty comfortable now and i won another couple of pairs off ebay which i'm just waiting on too arrive. i don't think they're pleaser brand, so they won't need an excessively long breaking in time. so in the meantime i'm also switching over to my 5 1/2 inch oxfords which i could never walk in before, but i can now - but barely.

wow - the difference that extra 1/2 inch makes is amazing - though you really wouldn't think so.

so thats my heel training schedule, 4's to start then most of the day in 5 1/2s and then last few hrs of the evening 5 1/2s.

if your interested in heel training and well heels in general do check out the high heel place message board. they're all really friendly there and i made a new friend who is already stuck in heels and is encouraging me along in my own training.


other end of dolling

i saw this on a message board somewhere and it just hit me as freaky and then i paused, tut-tut'd myself as what i'm doing and my own blog will look pretty freaky to some people. or maybe alot, i'm not too sure.

anyway i figure its another end of dolling. beyond the plastic sex doll into the cartoon abstraction of the human form which is closer too those 'enthusiasts' who like or even love inflatable pool animals.

if you want such a mask then you can get them from HW Designs.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

another fashion spread find

as found by fellow blogger mahret.



naga's rubber brush

i recently revisited Naga's Den and found an entire section i had missed; a collection of images based upon the wonderfull idea of a magical latex brush that allows anyone to painted with it be altered temporarily.

"This mysterious magical item is the center piece to a weekly bondage party held in a secret location. No ones sure where it came from nor even what all its powers are. It looks like a normal brush with a rubbery handle whose bristles are constantly wet with liquid rubber. This Brush never runs out of magical latex which can be brushed on to any part of a person. The latex can change the body upon which it is painted, making it into solid inanimate but living rubber, or making it into pure air leaving the victim a living inflated doll, as well as leaving it as normal flesh underneath, or any mix there of. Any body part painted with the brush can be reshaped, or painted completely away. A person could brush their legs into those of a satyr, or add a rubber tail, or could have a part removed completely with only a patch of rubber to show where it had once been."

check all the images and the rest of the introduction here.


a new story i like

not really much to report out there in doll or latex fetish stories, but this one be careful what you wish for on gromet's plaza has a certain resonance for me.

so if you have something your waiting to post, do send it to me and i can post it here.


Monday, October 08, 2007

barbie told me so...

i spotted this when trawling around ebay as i tend to do when killing some time at work. there seems to be loads on there and what it is really is a cheap mp3 player with a barbie casing. there's plastic accesories to personalise it even further and some sort of online content connection via the web.

wonder if there's a japanese equivilant? i bet those would be way cooler. still if u had one, loaded a barbie hypno script in it....


Thursday, October 04, 2007

testing 1 - 2 - 3

i had this idea awhile back, suggested it to a few people and it fell on deaf ears.

since i can't actually model in secondlife but do work as a model in there, i had the idea of a comic strip based story. oh and i can't draw either so it works out well.

so here i am trapped in a doll case in a secret lair. a friend comes to rescue me with.....
all the photo's are taken and a rough story worked out and it will be a bit of time before its ready. so i figured i'd give u a taste.


how many dolls go to the ball?

its not a riddle really - just an honest question... really

this weekend is the Skin Two Rubber Ball 2007 with two main events - Torture Garden on friday and the ball proper on Saturday in London along with the Xpo on friday and saturday.

the Rubber Sisters will be there for sure (so i've been informed) as well this blogs contributor/photographer blackice. so hoping on some good shots by the end of the weekend.

more info can be found on Skin Two Magazines main site here or simply go directly to the evetns hompeage at

after running for over 15 years now its becoming so popular that even reserved British Airways has an event listing for it here, as well as Hilton Hotels, istc (student travel) and Eurostar.


one of 43 things

in another one of my random wanderings around the internet i happend to find a site where people listed what they wanted to do, sort of a checklist that you share amongst others users to see if they want too to. sort of thing that will be a module of facebook one day imho.

what i found is an entry for people wanting to try the EGL look here. a surprising number.

then more searching within the site for different lists and found - 2 different people want to be dolls, a couple want to wear latex and alot of people - about 5 want to learn how to make latex clothes.

6 people want to be barbie while 10 want to look like her.

and needless to say there is fair bit of interest in corseting, both wearng and making them.


the little black dress

is the fashion staple in any woman's wardrobe. infact she probably has two or three of them or possibly even more. victoria beckham aka posh spice probably wears nothing but if the running joke in Spiceworld is to believed.

an interesting experiment was done recently at Milan Fashion Week, a dress made entirely of garbage bags or as they call them in Britian 'bin liners' was worn by Vogue TV presenter Louise Roe as part of a challenge by the daily mail newspaper. she made it herself with 3 dollars for 20 extra strong garbage bags - which is far cheaper than the £40,000 dresses at Harrods.

did she pull it off ? read the entire article here

oh and the article does go onto explain precisely how to mak your own dress like the one worn in the dare.