Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the image fits perfectly

i've always really loved the stories from Nano Slaver who has a great sense of pace, teasing detail and fetishistic hooks like TSG. Sadly his stories don't come out very often.

one that always stick in min mind and that i have re-read a dozen times is Dolly Molly which i feel in theme is matched perfectly by this image i found recently.

what do you think?


Charlotte Church - a full resolution doll

actually it was posted awhile ago but not had any reason to unpack the scanner. so here it is.

click on it to see it at its full resolution glory - very well done detailing in photo shop.


if you like bald robotic women ....

then you'll love this new tumblr feed i found from a second life friend Alix 31 Zuta who is the mastermind behind the THEODORA drones and clothing range.

yes i was one for awhile....

visit Bliss Drone tumblr site to see more of her collected favorites.

and if you really love them and you find yourself in second life, you may want to comply and join them.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pandemonia: UK Stylist Magazine Out now!

thanks to blackice for sending the link and the general heads up on this. apparently there's a free fashion magazine available in the UK in various shops and the current issue is timed to coincide with London Fashion Week. its out now on the inside back page features artist and living latex doll Pandemonia.

Pandemonia: Stylist Magazine: Meet Pandemonia, the quirky front row icon who has shaken up the fashion world. Words: Debbie Mc Quoid


so if your in the UK then go grab a copy and with a bit a luck i'll have a better scan sometime soon. also do check out Pandemonia's blog and here's the much better scan of just Pandemonia

spanish film festival featuring real dolls

all i have is the photo of the poster - anyone in Spain going too it?

here's the official link to the Festivals english page. and here is Sitges Film Festival » Discover this year's commercial spot

maybe i should email them just so they know they have an entry here?


a vintage find and a captioned story

"The imaginary friends were so real to him...,

so real he would always pose in photo's as if they were with him

- the dolls would be bringing him back their pretty house to join them in their games.

He would never be seen again leaving nothing for his grieving parents bar a final photo where his parents could finally see his secret invisible friends"

high fashion designer reads doll fetish stories

this is a really massive leap - its just an assumption on my part but i wanted a catchy headline ;-)

now i can't remember the exact details of the story but it involved a police detective chasing after someone who used to be an ex lover and ending up in a warehouse where there sex dolls from with huge tits that were meant to be worn. she falls prey to her kinky past and trys it on part way and then gets caught by her ex lover who explains that its made from a living plastic skin that fuses with the wearer.

she has a choice. live the rest her life with the head flopping around or leave with her lover and become her doll.

there's definitely another variation of the story to be written with this image, anyone care to have a go?


some make up ideas for halloween

or really anytime you want to use them really.

and a bit creepy imho, though it does illustrate how lines can be done very well.

if you find any more of these on youtube please do email them and i'll post them.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

would someone make these in latex please

a couple recent stories from the UK's kinkiest newspaper 'The Daily Mail" - and apparently one of the more conservative ones people keep writing me is a couple of ideas that really should be made in latex. well i thinks so anyway.

first is sort of a cocoon / hammock affair as detailed here. how about it Kink Engineering? do you think its a good idea? maybe it depends on how high your ceiling is and a few other issues. thats also a lot of latex.

it would definitely need to be chlorinated so the latex wouldn't get suck to you when getting in and out.

the other idea is purely a matter of color combinations when making a dress as illustrated by Kate Winslet bellow

i think that dress would look amazing in latex - though i'm just biased as it think most clothes would be better in latex. full story (such as it is) can be found in the article Optical Illusion Dress .


anyone know more about this video?

as requested by the reader "J" who sent in this video clip.

i sort of remember a long time ago there was some discussion about it on one of the mc or fetish yahoo groups but to be honest its all very foggy. can someone fill us all in and direct the readers and i to where to buy it?

still, lovely zentai suits.

i wonder if they came as DVD extra? WOW - wouldn't that be cool? a hypno story DVD with the accompanying transformation suit from the film: "put on the suit now" - implant complete. i swear there was a story like that somewhere? if so please post a link too it.


the next one is two months away

that is of course the next issue of Medusariffic. the current issue just came out and is really good so go grab it or pace yourself as the following issue is now a scant 7 weeks away.


its now up

the story that i created 'The Clinic' which is based on cover illustration by Andy Latex is now officially available for all to see at Gromets Plaza here.

hoping to do another collaboration with Andy Latex sometime soon and image i found along with text has been sent to Brenda Big Tits to see what she can do with that. fingers all crossed she likes it and can those finish kinks too it.

go have a look at Gromets update in the meantime.