Saturday, September 10, 2011

would someone make these in latex please

a couple recent stories from the UK's kinkiest newspaper 'The Daily Mail" - and apparently one of the more conservative ones people keep writing me is a couple of ideas that really should be made in latex. well i thinks so anyway.

first is sort of a cocoon / hammock affair as detailed here. how about it Kink Engineering? do you think its a good idea? maybe it depends on how high your ceiling is and a few other issues. thats also a lot of latex.

it would definitely need to be chlorinated so the latex wouldn't get suck to you when getting in and out.

the other idea is purely a matter of color combinations when making a dress as illustrated by Kate Winslet bellow

i think that dress would look amazing in latex - though i'm just biased as it think most clothes would be better in latex. full story (such as it is) can be found in the article Optical Illusion Dress .



Anonymous said...

Im totally with u with the "everything would look better in latex" part. :)

Andy.latex said...

Kate Winslet could look wonderful in anything, but this dress really highlights her curves.

Anonymous said...

Will that be of any use to you though Asudem... if Second Life is anything to go by you're going to be dressed in latex head to toe, placed in a glass cabinet, gagged, turned into a living doll.... helpless :)


Anonymous said...

What a sad life you lead asudem. You really do have a very boring fetish.

Anonymous said...

No pictures of yourself either. Is that because you are male?