Friday, April 29, 2011

a tableau vivant

in this new music video. really well executed - could of been far kinkier imho.

i am still trying to find the wall case which is sort of the same thing in SL. it does exist and will be perfect for my permanent display case when i am distilled down to rubber.

here's some images of it on the SL Fetish Fashion Blogspot. although i have some ideas to add too it which will make it much more interactive for visitors.


doll art

thanks to Mistress Lycia for the find.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

rubber sailor blouse

now is this look sexier as her outfit is all latex with her arms red rubber? discuss


from a recent Twin Peaks fashion shoot

as found on Dollify on Tumbler - another of my weekly look-sees.


a wonderful accidental discovery

i check out Gromet's story page pretty regularly - about once a week and i discovered recently the second part of a story by Andy Latex which features a large plant that rubberised a gardening tool and you can easily guess what happens next... the story is here. for more on that style of imagery and accompanying stories do check out Fetish Dreams by Rob.

now i remember reading the first part of the story and after an email to him he assures me is all part of the same storyline and apparently there's another chapter to come and due pretty soon.

i also noticed that he now has a blog featuring his stylised artwork and additional further transformative stories. the new blog is Smooth Slickn Shiny and worth a look. he sent me over the image bello that will definitely intrigue most of my readers and will be spot on for probably a large number.

i've suggested and offer the use of my SL persona/image in any of his new artwork and i'll make some suggestions of scene's.

as its a very new blog please head over and have a look at it and leave as much feedback as you possible can. even become a follower. i know from past experience its very very lonely writing a blog and any morsel of feedback always helps us bloggers keep going.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

meanwhile in second life

a month? or has it been longer....?


russian dolls in 3d!!

get out those 3d glasses that came with comic books or breakfast cereal. some sample 3d images that came from russian mask designer hikarinaka (at) who makes wonder kigurumi masks.

i'll post links to more of his work when i have some more free time on the weekend - baring some OD'ing on chocolate. it is the season to eat chocolate rabbits after all isn't it?


Natori Female Mask spotted!!!

and yes of course it was spotted on ebay here and this time in the uk although they will ship world wide. auction runs for another week or so at about 150$ starting price.

last time i saw one was a good two years ago and it sold for well over 700$. now that he no longer makes them will it go for more? much more? this one is unused according to the description.

so happy bidding and good luck to any one who wants to join in.


art video - no its not latex....

Echo from bart hess on Vimeo.

just sort of looks that way although it could of easily been done in video as there are some nice transparent latex out there thanks to Radical Rubber and their inspiring color chart.


i just liked the photo

and the left ones glasses/goggles - any idea where i'd buy them?


artist in Amsterdam approaches Eudeamon

from Evil Dolly's famed epic fetishistic story which if you've not read it you can start here.

or maybe i'm seeing connections where there are none?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

a talented reader from Russia

wrote me a few weeks ago to show off his amazing sculpted kigurumi doll heads. his most recent collection has resulted in these interesting photos. strangely thats the 2nd email conversation with a designer from Russia in as many weeks. more on that to come later.

he creates the masks himself at his own workshop: Doll's Kingdom AG and they come with a wide range of options with a price tag of about 750 euros. currently there's no direct way to purchase them though he is working on an international site. i'll relay any enquiries too him directly or simply post comments and he'll respond. i'd imagine its likely to be safer than ordering from him rather than direct from Japan for some time.

he also supplied a bonus photo of behind the scenes during the photo shoot and apparently the model stayed in costume for close to 8hrs during the shoot! this is just a very early stage beginnings of an idea here and he seems very keen - its just my funds are pretty low at the moment (i keep slpurging on shoes!!). its something i've been thinking about for some time which is to recreate my Second Life identity via a mask in real life - not only wearable but also lockable.

i feel its going to happen.....


ps: here's his email address so you can contact him directly and please mention you saw it here: hikarinaka (at)

the power of make up

yes it appears Angelina Jolie is the source of the Bratz doll range and more scarey is that it can be done in the first place. here branded image is her made up look?


more metal shoes

World's most expensive shoes worth £140,000 go on display

This is the most expensive pair of shoes in the world - setting fashion lovers back a staggering £140,000.

The design is made entirely from solid gold and more than 2,000 diamonds.

But buyers have been reluctant to step forward and take the title of the most well-heeled human in history.

And you thought Louboutins were expensive? Each pair of The House of Borgezie shoes is handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats

Because despite being on sale for more than five months not a single pair have been snapped up.

They are the brainchild of British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who has stuck the boot into Louboutins with his daringly pricey design.

He said: 'At the moment there have been a lot of enquiries and talks - but nothing concrete just yet. 'The shoes have created a real buzz, but there is still a long way to go. We've had discussions with certain people but I can't say who.'

To help shift the House of Borgezie created shoes, then how about the equally as luxury accessories to make the perfect match.

full story here in todays Daily Mail newspaper

actually i prefer the purple steel lockable ones myself. wouldn't you need a minion to follow you around picking up loose diamonds too? i'm not much of a gold fan anyway.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Suit - captioned photo

Just take it easy, your body has undergone some wonderful changes,

But what has happened to me, why do i feel so different and... smaller???

This special latex catsuit I gave you has changed you from a woman into a fully functional doll both inside and out. Look even you hair is now yellow nylon and reaches all the way down your back.

Changed, I don't want to be a doll!! although it feels yummy to have larger breasts and rounder bum. My waist is narrow and flat too.

You know when I said this latex suit will make you a better lover in bed, well thats what its done! Its absorbed into you, consumed you in the process reshaping you. The suit uses your body as raw material for the changes it makes to you. Nothing is lost, simply moved around and greatly improved. Some of your ribs will be dissolved as well as other parts as it does its thing. Don't worry your overall height will be the same in the end as your heels grow out to 5.5 inches.

Of course you' ll be a better lover for Me. Its what I want in my lover. If you were ever take the suit off assuming that was possible you'd simply become solid latex and utterly silent - which I may also really like...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dr Who teases..?

there's was a hint of a doll like transformation in the earlier trailer. now with the new one out - what's your thoughts?


dark kinks and NSFW renderings

i was introduced to a new website by Michele who is longtime reader who i met and chatted too in second life. the very well executed CGI renderings are of various scenes of women in distress and worse... they come with stories attached too.

the site is Perilous Thoughts and worth a visit if you like some of the darker side of kinks and bdsm. of course only pixels were used in the making of the images, although the creator explained:

"And I'm always interested in the fantasies of others who might want to see their darkest dreams realized. You might be surprised by the percentage of the images at that were do by request..."

umm.. so i started emailing him and showed him my blog... and started to make suggests and dare i admit to - a request.

nothing made yet as its early days. he wasn't even aware of doll / mannequin fetishes so i'm hoping he's enjoying dollsrealm and gain inspiration from it.

i feel someday soon i maybe rendered into his cast. actually - no - i want to be rendered into his cast.



i think i want a poster of this on my wall.

another find from perfectly still on visit it daily as she updates way more regularly than i do at the moment.


4" heel cut off point

i am trying really.. though the last crop of high heels listed on ebay said they were 5"s and turned out not to be. it appears to be a cut off point for most shoe brands. only really high end ones go all the way to 5"s or even start there.

so i'm going to start a folder for 5" required - essentially shoes i like or love the design of - and they're not 5"s or taller. someday i maybe able to get the style recreated.

meanwhile some are very good finds like the bellow:

and soon i'll be the proud owner of a pair of knee high custom pvc wedge heel knee boots so those will arrive any day now. that will solve the issue of how to keep the 5" heel requirements going all year long.


now thats a pair of heels!

mind you not good for leafy back yards as this video proves

i bet they don't have this problem on hollywood red carpets - though would make a great stunt if someone did do it.

oh and totally love the dress she's wearing.


Friday, April 08, 2011

The Processing - a captioned photo

Good the change is nearly complete.

Soon your lover will be the sexy living doll you both wanted her to be so badly. A round curvy latex skinned doll that won't ever change, won't age and will always be your toy. Oh the side effects of this deep intrusive processing is a very simple vocabulary with a very cute high pitched voice. She'll find it hard to remember who she was. She'll always see herself as your dolly.

Although you both knew that before we started didn't you? Its the burning fetish that brought you to my lair.

Now after six months here she'll be perfect. You might even someday become jealous of her; don't worry I'll make you like her for free - I would simply love to add you both to my collection as a pair.

bespoke metal lockable heels

i've seen these shoes in one other photo where the owner is driving a car in them. regardless of their Melissa like candy colors they are in fact steel all the way through and custom made for the wearer.

so anyone know more about them? as my sole arches become more pronounced i keep wondering about custom heels and that i could have a higher heel and even further arched sole if i had a custom pair made just for me. now thats not totally impossible as Upper Street Shoe Designer lets you totally make your own shoes. sadly the heel limit is 4 inches.


chromed corset

more images from an unknown photo shoot or fashion magazine. i think its even a few years old. just sharing as these are pretty good resolution. anyone seen or have fashion editorials of featuring it? love to see it.

bellow is the backside and i was sorely tempted the title this 'you can bite my shiny metal ass..."

which reminds me when is Futurama back on? which also reminds me what happened to those chrome lockable metal corsets / cinches? does someone still make them? love the look. surprised they weren't made en mass as knock offs. i had looked you know...


QED: its all in the makeup

i bet you in a few years the permanent makeup will extend in range and possibilities.


Monday, April 04, 2011

the teasing has stopped - the full story is

now online at Brenda Big Tits Blogspot with some support and input from me. (as well as the source image as previously mentioned.


very good living mannequins

Living Doll - Showreel from Innovative Living Doll on Vimeo.

i wonder if they know about Fantastic Rubbers mannequin suits? btw it plays well in full page too, so don't settle for the embedded version here if you computer can play it.


do i detect....

that miss is enjoying being served by the robot? so how many fetishes are there in this one photo? please post in comments.

i doubt Bender from Futurama would approve. shouldn't that be back on tv already?


Sunday, April 03, 2011

vintage transformation

as shot by helmet newton who shot some amazing woman with mannequin photo's as well as classic b/w quasi lesbian couture...