Saturday, April 23, 2011

a wonderful accidental discovery

i check out Gromet's story page pretty regularly - about once a week and i discovered recently the second part of a story by Andy Latex which features a large plant that rubberised a gardening tool and you can easily guess what happens next... the story is here. for more on that style of imagery and accompanying stories do check out Fetish Dreams by Rob.

now i remember reading the first part of the story and after an email to him he assures me is all part of the same storyline and apparently there's another chapter to come and due pretty soon.

i also noticed that he now has a blog featuring his stylised artwork and additional further transformative stories. the new blog is Smooth Slickn Shiny and worth a look. he sent me over the image bello that will definitely intrigue most of my readers and will be spot on for probably a large number.

i've suggested and offer the use of my SL persona/image in any of his new artwork and i'll make some suggestions of scene's.

as its a very new blog please head over and have a look at it and leave as much feedback as you possible can. even become a follower. i know from past experience its very very lonely writing a blog and any morsel of feedback always helps us bloggers keep going.


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jeandoll said...

You make following of doll/fetish stuff so easy! Usually all you recommendations are worth following. thanks you again for most exellent blog!