Saturday, April 23, 2011

rubber sailor blouse

now is this look sexier as her outfit is all latex with her arms red rubber? discuss



Anonymous said...

Yep. She wears a female mask, latex sailor outfits and red latex long glove.

Anonymous said...

I think so. It is almost like someone took a faceless red rubber doll and put clothes and a mask on it to turn it into a specific kind of doll for a game.

Anonymous said...

Wow hot hot hot ... et cetera and so forth. Thanks :-).

jeandoll said...

Her outfits are indeed sexy. and colour variations make them look even better.

Anonymous said...

This is a traditional Japanes schoolgirl outfit which is in tturn based on early 20th century German school uniforms.The Japanese copied the german school system and curriculum too in part.

At the base of it is the German Kriegsmarines sailor uniform that the german school uniform was copied from.

Intrigued by dollification and would very much like to try it with someone.