Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i am addicted to them myself now

much much love and thanks for TSG to sharing and tutoring me to obsessed too.


yes eyebrows are very important

don't you think so too?


Sunday, February 05, 2012

OMG! they made a video during the shoot!!

everyone has the memory of Megan Fox cavorting with her mannequin clone in their mind and also saved to their HDD's if they have any sense to them. what i wasn't aware of is that there was a video trailer for the issue of Interview!.

see bellow and it will play full screen!

your mission is to share in comments how we save it to our collective local HDDs so we can transfer it to TV's and flatscreens...


dolls in music videos come in twos

one with kumguri masked cheerleaders with the wannabe brit Madonna (with a reader indirectly involved - still waiting on the full story):

and full on steampunk which i thought was somewhat gross at the start and i warmed too. it can be saved at 1080p too! sadly its all computer graphics although i do prefer this song over the above. could be my bias against her and a hate of football.



Saturday, February 04, 2012

glossy bottoms for a music video

they just went ahead and skipped all the pretense of 'acting'. a quick and easy way to make a music video;

doesn't look like i'll be able to do that assembled video lan dvd mix tape idea for valentines day - i'm simply too busy now; more so since i met a kindred latex fetishist in world...


Friday, February 03, 2012

sent in by a dedicated reader

lovely... yet i have a strong urge to rewrite it so that its more of an enticing story.

if anyone wants to see more evocative imagery that feeds my fetish and they're looking to write based on images - just ask. although i may hold you to a deadline and a first use on the blog.

"inspired by Asudem" also has a lovely ring too it.


doll parts on sale in Japan!

not that i want it - though i'd be curious how to order it and how much if they'll send outside Japan.

and do they make them for our vertical lips too??? *blushes


seasonal tune for feb..