Monday, July 19, 2010

yasmin in SL and RL

i am now a Yasmin Btraz in Second Life and have been lovingly made by my Mistress TSG/Rani in world. so i figured it was just apt that i have a Yasmin of my own. so the Yasmin bellow off ebay and now in my possession - afterall needs to be loved and have a good home.

now i went for this version due mainly for her amazing boots. black tall and shiny just how i love them. strange thing is that they appear to be the same material or very close to the same as used by Melissa for their plastic cult shoes!! how amazing is that? do have a look at my secret origins post here where i talk about wishing i could wear Barbie's plastic boots and sticking them on my fingers.

so all i need to do now is petition Melissa in Brazil to make boots to match my Yasmin. they have to have seriously high heels, very tall (knee high) and pointy toes. on a sort of related note i've had a chat in yahoo with a hypnotesse and she said its very possible to link hypnotic commands and triggers to objects - doll shoes anyone? ;-)



jsan said...
here's another yasmin you might like

Asudem Latex said...

thanks, tho truth be told i really really hate cowboy boots, western music and plaid.