Monday, December 04, 2017

meanshile in Second Life...

i've seemed to have gotten trapped in a land where a dragon makes dolls and consumes their energy. an old friend Rei mistakenly visited. am i trapped here forever?

i am still on SL im's if you want to chat. just be warned if you ask for a TP that its dangerous here.

i am getting glossier by the hour. i wonder if the land owner reads the blog and realises I am building up a matching outfit - actually this all matches now.



Z Space Media said...

I see you makeup and look has changed a bit from the doc vanderlay mask i had made for you. Will it stay this way or go back to how it is?

i was working with a hair stylist locally and she's dropped out of the industry and I do finally have a real dslr but to do a good job need good model, hair and stylist (I mainly do location/event based photography - hense shooting at Torture Garden). Sadly none to hand as concentrating on research/journalism at the moment.

I've also emailed Rubber Sisters a few times at your suggestion to lend the mask to them but never had a peep back. Maybe you have another latex model/masker who could use it 'guest appearance' in the meantime?

As to the styling - I'd have to find a good painter with right paints to work on latex for an overhaul. All underway - just time / money issues.


Mike09 said...

Care to share where is the location of the sim and maybe a SL-url? Please?