Friday, November 25, 2016

now we know where their latex comes from

we knew it was from London but being the EU center of latex, there were a few brands and shops to choose from. recently spotted on FB by a reader it seems Femm____ is sourcing their latex from House of Harlot.

Jpop due wear latex and pose as mannequins... more on their instagram account here

and of course a video: 

do let me know which you like the best of their songs and videos.



Thrandrall said...

All their vids are amazing (I think they have a full vid for every song they've released so far) - but "Whiplash" is almost perfect. Both for the song in general and because it's shot as a single take (unless I'm missing a clever cut).

Gorgeous stuff on the whole and they do a great job even in their live performances.

And best of all - virtually unique for a Jpop group - nearly every song is in English and most vids also have subs.

Highly recommended!

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