Sunday, December 04, 2016

where i am in Second Life - now in 360 VR

estate obscure... from three pov's and one looking out from where i am locked up.

hope this works.


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blackice said...

Try as thats what I use for my 360 photos but not the videos.

As to embedding into blogs? No idea. Though round me now has a apple and android app so I'll give it a shot on my AuraVisor all in one VR Headset crowdsourced about a year ago.

As to which google cardboard like one is best - no idea.

However I have done a test shoot with a local latex mistress in her huge dungeon - both stills and video btw. Put the camera into the dog cage and various POV's and its pretty neat all of a sudden being forced into such a view. Dog dish and all!

BTW - some discussions about getting Rubber Sisters back and rounding out the 3d filming I did with them.