Sunday, December 04, 2016

lost then found

i had wanted to use this photo in a post for another story but too late and i misplaced it and wanted to meet my own self imposed deadlines to satisfy those silent readers out there.

so here it is.

feel free to write a cap or a story around it.

i'll get to it soon.


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Myuphrid said...

You can't help but gaze in the mirror, at the face reflected therein. The very picture of frozen feminine beauty gazes blankly back, glassy eyes and glossy lips crowning a smooth, blemishless plastic face... your face. You gingerly raise a perfectly manicured hand to your cheek, brushing it gently down to your chin.
Even when you're not wearing your this doll's face, this mannequin mask, you can't help but think of it. Every time you put it on and let your dolly persona carry you away, you stay that way just a little longer, luxuriating just a little deeper in your artificial self. You wonder if one day you might put the mask on, become the dolly, and never take it off. On the surface, the pervasive thought worries you - but deeper down, it tempts and excites you...