Saturday, February 05, 2011

perfect 60's boots

my on going heel obsession leads me far afield when looking for items to add to my collection and while ebaying in Europe i found these amazing Clear Plastic Thigh Boots.

i'm not big on pvc but these look amazing. would be perfect over a pair of brightly colored latex leggings or tights. i think the seller makes them too? any german readers care to translate or even go far as enquire to find out more?

definitely not day to day boots although i've been playing with the idea of getting wider work slacks so i can stealthfully wear my 5" thigh high boots under them.



Scubadubidoo said...

It says "available in no shop, boots up to the crotch, made to measure" in brief.

Scubadubidoo said...

ah it also says they make also 13cm (5") heels

Asudem Latex said...

ooh thanks!

is it their only material?


Scubadubidoo said...

no idea... um, mail them. I guess they speak english :-) else i'd glad to help out