Saturday, February 05, 2011

close up on high heeled rain boots

i found this youtube channel and poster recently when looking for something else. here on show is some Patrick Cox 'wellies' with a very decent 4" heel. sadly they no longer are made and 4"s is bellow my level now anyway (see earlier recent posts). i do love the idea of molded plastic shoes and boots. think it all ties into how Barbies shoes are made. they're just the same.

weren't you ever envious of your Barbies plastic shoes? i was. i remember getting my fingers into a pair and wondering when i could wear boots like that. the phase came and went though must of been on of the seeds left in me to develop into my various fetishes.

so now i wait, ready to pounce on something like these - with 5" heels. then i'll be that Barbie with her pretty plastic boots and shoes.

check out the other videos as they're very well filmed and you get the reflections and highlights off the boots superbly.


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