Tuesday, September 22, 2020

my current bound state in SL in with Peachey Blackwood

seems to be rubbing off on me.... i finally got my latex pillow case for the special giant U shaped pillow.

with my av burning into my teeny doll brain, i keep wondering. perhaps a pillow of the same shape as me in worlds is whats needed for my next latex pillow in bed?

of course it might make sense just to get a custom body bag and cut foam to fill. 

cuddling as a sleep, and a deep need to be inside it. maybe for xmas.... 

mind you this came up in the same search. i wonder if i can sleep in at night and let the pink take over?

on sale now for $8 with shipping... its calling.... is it calling you? also available in black and tan here on Aliexpress

can i have visitors? i'm not sure even i know where i am tbh and whats with the selection of weird and occultish statues in her very modern building. msg Peachy Blackwood to find out, and maybe she'll let me talk?


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