Saturday, September 12, 2020

a complete ensemble from Aliexpress to manifest the toy soldier in me

which will undoubtedly please Kelannpoole

might need to invest in a ruffle base to get the skirt aspect to do the same thing.

as i've come to the conclusion with all my health issues not solved or dealt with now for last few years (hense the lack of updates), i need to be reduced to an utter automation for a careful owner, so i am always in SL at at service.

hoping they can help? whose the expert in these automated systems and separate quasi ai / response bots? please email me - in world i am asudem kasei but likely to be utterly locked down- L$ donations welcomed however.

the dress is above form an anime i'm not aware of and the boots soon (bellow) that i can also wear normally. or shall i go for a black gloss pair to match the mannequin skin toned ones? those are on order and won't get the backs till i know the boots are a perfect fit. sizing is hit miss/risk with them.


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