Monday, September 28, 2020

he had a shoot planned...

sent in by contributor in UK - Black Ice. 


had a shoot planned but it fell apart. even model and coat sorted. he also said (and shared the raw footage) of a days filming with the Rubber Sisters in Grand Hotel, beach frount and and dungeon. in 3d no less. 

they did use some of the sections on their website and one of the dommes whose huge studio he didn't film in (but has done 360 in - pls pls share) said he assembled the structure of films like David Lynch.


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Anonymous said...

I could put together a contact sheet of shots/scenes that you can post if you like. I've not looked at them since I shot and I feel time is right to revisit and flesh out more scenes to tie it all together.

More shooting, perhaps props etc needed to cut it all together into a 3d film.

I have the skelaton of a story to work too but can take on board more ideas and elements under advisement. Is Brad Poe still writing?

- Blackice