Thursday, September 10, 2020

same destiny but perhaps a better fit for me?

Club Circe in second life... join the solid rubber statues.. if one can ever leave the doll training booth

like a moth to a flame i spent a lot of time here. even finding a mistress who is now reduced to rubber statue, who i was compelled to kneel in fount of as i passed by touring this odd land.

the dancing rubber mannequins call me to join them on the floor, siren music that spell binds me for hours. was it their presence, their thick aroma of polished latex, their occcasional brushing near me, transfering their energy too me?

- i look around the decore and keep moving - extracting myself from the lith siren spell, not realising that by joining them even for a few songs, they now have me in the marks. they know me, able to read my desires, so deeply hidden from daytime day to day. they see a kindred spirit and will eventually claim me as their own.

 now just a matter of time before they collect me and i join the permanent display as so many before them? i read their sign, their labels give out their stories to careful passerby's. for some reason i keep returning and returning. showing my obedience by staying in the doll programing cases for days on end.

now just a matter of time before they collect me and i join the permanent display?

can someone please im sl the club owner - Kumi Itoku - , she might need to steal me from another domme.



Anonymous said...

I'm not inworld at all otherwise I'd do it for you.

sure there are some serious hardcore transhumanist loons out there that have pushed SL's calabilties as far as they can go.

Just spitballing here- VR SL or interactive projection mapping against a bare wall from a fixed pov. I was pitching this idea to a friend with CGI courses in his castle in Tuscany. Liked the idea of a magic mirror / portal into SL that mirrored his place.

No Bites.

Great to see you blogging again. No real fetish news here - but let me know if I can help - don't want to loose such a focus and valuable nexus for the community.


Anonymous said...

Ever look at