Friday, December 26, 2014

one semi regular haunt besides second life is....

Deviant Art of course. where i collect images, ideas, and talent spot as it were.

so check out my page and more importantly my favourites - be sure to say hello there and recommend anything as well.



The Gentleman said...

Hello, miss Asudem. Having had a quick browse of your dA favourites folder, may I commend you on your excellent taste. :) I would be remiss not to point out to your readers that deviantART supplies an RSS feed for user's galleries and favourites, which can be added to your feed reader of choice.

I will send you a note sometime on dA, but I hope you'll understand my not giving my ID out here, as that's my real-world name. Hence the pseudonym, which links to where I blog NSFW items of interest.

Can I also say how happy I am to see you blogging once more - I have missed both your writing and imagery.


John Evans said...

That's a great collection of favourites you've put together, Asudem.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all my vanilla work is on my da. But there are a few of my SL things there. -WinterRose