Friday, December 26, 2014

too many works in progress....

so here's some 'blanked' captioned photos i liked; but wasn't keen on direction or the story. thought there was much more potential.

have a go, either with captions - or full stories.

i like to share


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Anonymous said...

(4th picture)

Sure, it had been several months, but Heather had barely noticed anything. Maybe it was the hypnosis, or maybe it was just that life was a blur lately, between keeping up with classes at college, that strange new fitness routine (done all in high heels that never came off), and all of the dozens of details she had to remember now to stay tight and shiny, because that's what she wanted her Hunny Bunny to do for her.

Odd how it was that she forgot his name first, not hers.

But then months later, he used the special trigger they had agreed on, the one that turned her old mentality back on in her new body and mannerisms. And she was Barbie...stuck saying that, and nothing else.

And her lips, her boobies, her legs (wait, did she just...?) everything about her felt tight, over inflated, squeaky. Like her little blonde voice. She was so stuck that even when she could focus, nothing felt or sounded right.

So it goes without saying that once she got over how scared she was of her plastic new everything...the first thing she did was to ask to have that trigger turned off, so she could go back to being unaware.

(too long, I know....)