Sunday, June 13, 2010

secret origins; a peek into my fetish

i remember when i was very little i had a barbie and one thing i loved about her was her boot collection. not so much the shoes which always got lost; just the long boots made of plastic. i could stick them on my fingers so that they were all the way on and wonder what it was like to boots like that to wear. here's a few Barbies go go boots i found on ebay.

her skin of course was a tan rubber of sorts - especially on her legs. well thats another story and involves balloons and silly putty...

now there was a rumage sale in the basement of our local library and it was pretty nearby. in fact our house backed onto it. sometimes the old ladies would do a clear out of stock and i'd be over there like a shot to have a 'rumage' through the remains before the garbage truck came the next morning. i can't remember finding much in there of any real note except for one thing - a pair of shiny thick plastic vinyl go-go boots from the 60's or 70's - possibly the Japanese made ones. it was remarkably in my exact size at the time which must of been 4 or 5. so teeny.

the heel was a square solid block about 2 inches high and they had mock laces up the front and a side zip. did i say they were made of a thick slightly pungent vinyl? they were something like the white ones bellow in overall style.

i used to wear them around at home until i go into trouble for it and i was told not to wear them. being good, i listened to my parents up until a point. i'd wear them in bed to sleep in and we had these padded moon boot like slippers to wear around in the winter and i could just about get the boots into them to hide that i was wearing them. they must of caught on as i would of been 2 inches higher and they mysteriously disappeared. or did i hide them in a vent and secretly wear them when my parents were out.

i can't remember. here's a pair vinyl go go boots on ebay.

one thing i did like about them is the way they caused a slight sweat on my calfs which increased the stickiness of them after i wore them for an hr or two. almost as if the black vinyl was starting to merge with my skin. a sensation i was later to rediscover with latex.

if i ever find them in black one day in my size i'll nab them.


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