Wednesday, August 09, 2017

so the entire 'catsuit'.... wether its pvc or latex...

Everyone knows cat people can be a little weird. 

Owning a cat is all about submission after all.If you enjoy slaving away for a creature who tends to treat you indifferently -  and if you're not too fused when it comes to pain (Cat's claws are sharp after all) it's possible BDSM could also be your thing.A study of 36 500 people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic found that there could very well be a connection between our feline friends and the often sexual practice.The research was first published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology in September, and theorises that cats might be passing on a condition that makes you enjoy bondage.

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Cat owners are more likely to be into BDSM than everyone else

(no i don't own one, but i do prefer them over dogs)


just found. two fetishes in one; Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns Catwoman catsuit

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