Thursday, October 21, 2010

i have mine on order so i can share now

a few weeks ago i remembered that there were a pair of Metropolis styled leggings made and to be on sale soon. what happened to them i wondered - better look.

a quick google later and i discovered that i had missed there official debut! now they were being reduced and sold in the bargin bin at 50% off. thankfully they still had them in my size.

now i just looked and lost the link to where they are being sold. very very sorry. thats how busy i am with work.

if t turns up i'll revise the entry and if not well maybe someone will post in comments. only size small and medium were still available btw.

oh and if your wondering if latex leggings, leather leggings and just plain shiny ones in then check out this piece in the Daily Mail on how fashion assistants can look better than their subjects on a shoestring.

and yes three of the five are wearing some form of leggings with the lead photo being tight and glossy leather ones.


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asudem latex said...

found them!!

now only medium at even less than i paid for them : $21.75

buy them here: