Saturday, October 30, 2010

art project or total narcissism?

or a bit of both or all the above? i don't think we'll ever really know.

as spotted by Pye;

and there's more in the series of Amber Hawks Swanson's videos at Vimeo if you want to look for them which detail the entire process and what happened after the wedding. one thing for sure is she did get a lot of media attention for it.



Anonymous said...

This is certainly eye opening. I was unaware that women would be even interested in sex dolls, let alone to take it to such a level.

Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that some women are into realdoll-types of doll. Once you get past the expense, it makes some sense.

Some women do still remember playing with dolls as little girls after all. And aside from that...

It is easier, technically, to have a shiny, rubbery surrogate made of yourself, and then use your imagination. It's straightforward. It's less likely to be seen as something "scary", when you compare it to actually going through the trouble to wear the latex, the heels, the corset, etc. to immerse yourself in the role and "become" the doll.

I can understand the concept from multiple levels and I'm a guy. This keeps the lady from having to try to become a doll, keeps her from having a girlfriend and "coming out", lots of things.

It's another form of firewalling. It's one more way people confine their fantasy life to a "sandbox" so they can conform and "pass for normal". If she didn't have the budget for the doll, she'd most likely have her Shiny Self running around on Second Life.

(it's a shame too...she really does look better shiny and plastic-looking. *lol*)

Just saying,

Bradley Poe