Thursday, October 28, 2010

does it already exist? find it or make it

i've been wanting a pencil / hobble skirt for some time now and as i rapidly fill up my 'normal' latex clothes i'm feeling an inch to get items that start to cross over in the a more overt kink fetish. not full on deep rubber kink just yet, just one item that would be across that line.

certainly an knee binding and hip hugging hobble skirt would fit that definition. it could be pretty bang on trend for now, then inflate it so i go all J-Lo and also have my legs compressed so i would be really hobbling.

and then after seeing the various photo's of inflatable bondage suits i wondered if there's a knee length inflatable hobble skirt somewhere out there? or did I see it in Second Life?

so if anyone knows please do post in comments or email me direct. i feel it would be a great addition to my latexification.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty sweet garment - an outer layer of say 1mm thick latex with a normal 0.4mm inner layer. The thicker the rubber, the more you can pump it and the more force gets transferred to the inside.

Unknown said...

Hi Asudem,
you might want to check at DEMASK. But I'm afraid that they only have inflatables combined with an inflatable top.

Anonymous said...

You can have a custom one made at pretty pervy