Monday, October 25, 2010

WOW!!! i was waiting for someone

to dive in and cross EGL and latex and it seems the clever people at Slinky Skin have done that now. the results are for sale on ebay with just one day left and it comes with matching detailed stockings.

which reminds me if your a latex designer or store please _do_ email me any news and i'll do my best to get it posted in a timely manner. this also saves me writing and navel gazing too much.

it has no bids and can be bid on at ebay of course here. it even comes with stockings.

they also do a boob-less version in white which is listed here amongst their other items which include the ever popular and continously ripped off Ball Hood. which as a matter of fact is even ripped off in Second Life.

hopefully their sales will soar and they will break open the devide between EGL, Cosplay and latex fetishists.



alphaxanon said...

EGL = E(ro? xtreme?) Gothic Lolita?

Roen said...

EGL is short for Elegant Gothic Lolita

Miss Missy said...

That dress is pretty ugly.

Anonymous said...

It's not really EGL at all.