Saturday, October 23, 2010

a kink from SL to RL

one thing i liked to do in Second Life is float around in a bubble. it combines my still mannequin/doll fetish with balloons and was great fun to do with my friend Sophia Barret who was the only one with some magical device which she only possessed due to its creator leaving SL. i do occasionally blow my pink bubble gum to entrap passerby's in a bubble which makes them float away. i've gotten into so much trouble over using that...

so i was really surprised when Sophia pointed me towards Bubble Bound where for $400 you can have your own plastic bubble. that price included shipping all over the world.

from the site which bills itself as the The world's first 5 foot inflatable PVC Bondage Bubble with airtight zipper. The ultimate in fetish and bondage bubble fun!

can you float around in it? the site explains Well, actually, yes you can! Make sure that if you decide to float the Bondage Bubble that you have it securely tethered to something on dry land. Do not under any circumstance use the Bondage Bubble in the open sea or anywhere that if the tether was broken you could not retrieve it.

something else to add to my list.


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