Tuesday, October 05, 2010

oh to be a mannequin in latex

i found these on my hard drive and no idea where they are. probably london. any one knows?

i've been working while traveling and it was hardly a vacation. still i'm back and slowly decompressing into my normal life. so appologies for the intermittent updates. i had planned it all out, loaded the beginnings of a range of posts and kablooy - not chance at all to finish them off.

i think i'd prefer to be a mannequin.



Anonymous said...

This is definitely Showgirls on the Holloway Road, London
(I used to live just up the road)

jsan said...

now which one are you asudem?

Imp Merlin said...

Actually, I thought it was Breathless on Kings Cross Road (behind where I work) but yeah - might be Showgirls...

Anonymous said...

Good thought Imp (and I wondered that too), but def Showgirls. Look at the picture where you can see out of the window (there is a pillar with some greenery). Then check out Google street view outside Showgirls and you see the exact same pillar (incl. white horizontal mark near the top). Best, WT