Tuesday, December 13, 2011

apparently i do...

...inspire some readers out there. a couple of months ago i was exchanging emails with another dedicated latex fetishist and pointed out a shop on the UK Ebay (always check there for latex deals btw) which did rain coats of various stylings and this is the one I sent a link too.

The Latex Mackintosh
is what i spotted - waay to large with me but i like the idea. it was also to large for the person in question so was forwarded to someone else they knew and she bought it!

its not the style i'd like being the fussy latex designer i am - what i would really like is s stylised puffa coat in latex. preferably a knee length bell shaped one with the huge warm collar.

i'll post a photo when i find one; but imagine a few of these design elements all mushed into one shiny latex one. much more of a sexy european and/or italian design than the Michelin Man fat suit look.

and the best part of all - besides being utterly snugglish - is they are supposed to be supper glossy!! ;-)


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Agithe said...

so have you tried to contact any of the many latex designers out there about it. most of them seam to do "make to order".
so have you tried talking to Elastica Engineering/kink Engineering or ego-assassin ?