Friday, December 14, 2007

latex leggings are back...

on the fashion blogsphere radar with an entry by Wendy Brandes Jewelry's blog here.

she explained and posed for a photo:

Meanwhile, I broke down and bought the American Apparel leggings. They're all weird around the waist so I'll have to send them back ... but of course I took photos first. Or at least I tried to.

and with a fair bit of interest too with loads of comments so far. pity she's not had too much luck with the leggings. she should of gone for the 1/2 price real latex tights from Libidex's email list. my pair just arrived last week and they're made from the thinest latex imaginable.

wendy apparently is a secret lover of things tight and shiny and she even has a tag for latex on her blog here to make finding the individual entries easy.

and it comes up again in her top list of obesessions with no 5 is Latex, PVC and patent leather.

some of the other fashion bloggers with coverage of latex or latex like leggings include

- The Coveted - spots an Austrian designer who used them in her collection

-Style Bubble - susie wears skinny pvc jeans from topshop (uk £40) here and complains about being predictable - but finds they really work well in all her shots mixed with summer tops

i must say susie has come up with a rather trade mark way to being seen on a highly visible public blog and yet not seen at the same time as you can tell from her signature self portraits where she shows off clothing and style.

meanwhile on I Spy, Thrift Eye - the blogger managed to find mango 16$ here. does that mean they're on the way out or that the local population isn't really up to speed style wise?

back to wendy's blog; do have a look at her Obesssion no 4 fish "My old standby obsession: fish feet" shoes made by Christian Louboutin - though not in her size. sadly i know how she feels about shoes.



WendyB said...

Hee hee! Thanks for spreading my love of fish feet to new readers. Maybe I will try your latex recommendation!

Eli said...

I found mine about a year ago. They've been out for a while. People buy them more at American Apparel all the time, people are just afraid to wear them.

Asudem Latex said...

the mixing and matching does work i find.

i'm really looking forward to the free pair of latex leggings from the uk which i'm getting after the shoot is done.

i think the new latex designer would be _really_ smart if he sent out samples to key fashion bloggers like susie and wendy etc.

get it out of the fetish niche as it were.