Tuesday, December 18, 2007

rubber sex - the book

is due out sometime in May 2008 as i discovered when i tripped over it when bouncing from wordpress blog to blog over the weekend.

the single entry on the blog is here.

and it says for the most part:

Rubber Sex: Erotic Stories coming in May 2008, edited by me, from Cleis Press

Rubber, latex and PVC all cling to the skin and have the power to make their wearers feel sensual, sexy, and aroused. In this collection, the world’s hottest erotic authors make the most of the sensual potential inherent in getting suited up. Hang out with a "Tire Stud," learn "How to Liven Up a Boring Party," and go "From Solid to Liquid" in these tantalizing adventures. From latex body paint to the smell of rubber tires, pretty dresses that beg to be touched to clingy catsuits worn by powerful mistresses, and men who want to show off every inch beneath the allure of latex. Get ready to enter a world where the most sensual material gets slipped on tightly, then polished, stroked, and caressed while the bodies inside heat up with desire. These stories focus on the look and feel of rubber and latex, eroticizing them to the fullest. Find out why everything, from flirting to spanking to going all the way, is better in rubber.

hopefully more information as it becomes available. wonder if there's any stories in it about becoming a latex doll? i'd better write the author to check ;-)


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Unknown said...

Sounds hot. Looking forward to check this out!