Sunday, June 24, 2018

our collaboration is baring fruit and materialising

follow on to the silver robot hypno script, now edited, tweaked and recorded by Mistress Love. All of he recordings are here

and this MP3 specifically here for the direct link and a free sample.

the full silver catsuit is tricky to get in and out of, so i did find a long sleeve silver top which just arrived from Aliexpress. the slow hypno script is about a control fetish with silver being the key, the listener starts by wearing the long sleeve silver top, then progresses under the hypnotists direction to a silver catsuit then beyond as she's melted into the new submissive robotic being.

the top is a very wearable real life item that even thinking about it triggers me.


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Traveller28 said...

That is a rather awesome outfit and photo! :)