Thursday, November 09, 2017

fanatastic rubber does make perfect fits

found and relayed to me from a facebook page. their homepage is here. and do tell them that you saw their page / images here.

all of these (due to my keen and choosey eye) would make great seed starting points to latex fetish fiction.

guess i may have to write them myself given the minimal feedback and comments I get here. :-(


UPDATE: gas mask ones,  are the work of Reflective Desire I've been informed. please let me know where the others are from. 


Sally Bend said...

Gorgeous! I prefer the smoothy/shiny look for the heads, as opposed to the gas masks and goggles, but I do love the corset hooks in the front.

Robofish said...

Would also be nice to credit the photographers for these. The gas mask ones, at least, are the work of Reflective Desire.

Unknown said...

To Robofish:

Exactly. Supporting people goes both ways, all ways, always.

At minimum, acknowledge and support the artist when you use their work. Beyond that? There was a time once when people weren't afraid to call this fetish thing a community. But yeah, I admit a piece of this is my fault too. Point is:

When people stop talking to each other, a lot of the time being creative stops too.

And then spammers and worse join in because they're the only ones making "new content". It happens a lot and lately nobody's even said a word in protest.

It's fucked up. If people want to chat, do it. If they want to be supported as an artist, support other artists. Don't bark demands at people--it's almost never one-sided.

But hey, what do I know, right? What do I know about being shut out?

Brad Poe

David Ragan said...

quasi reminiscent of the Bane look :)

Asudem Latex said...

they just were forwarded to me from fb group. no names attached.


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