Saturday, March 04, 2017

ok, so what if its a plot point - the latex curse

andy latex has had a running theme in some of the captions of a mysterious and apparently contagious curse that turns actresses clothes to latex....

"Garmetia Latexium"

 of course it started with the Harry Potter actress. and of course it sounds much more magical in latin.

here's the entire tagged history of Emma wearing latex here. although i am really curious how often has she really worn it? being in the UK - its so much easier to find.

a google later and there's so many shots of her in latex dresses and clothes, it all can't be Andy's...



Robofish said...

As far as I know, Emma Watson has never worn latex (in public at least). But there are clearly some people out there who really like the idea that she would...

Andy.latex said...

Hello, yes me. There is a clip tagged on youtube saying Emma Watson in latex pants, however they look more like really shiny skintight leather. Worth looking out though
and be careful when you utter the curse Asudem, it may spread

Agithe said...

Andy, is a curse really a curse, if it is something you want?
Now it would likely be a bigger problem for miss Watson as an actress and model if her costumes started to change.
Then for most other people where it would likely be counted as a disability (even if the cursed person likes it), and dependent on where in the world you are that means you can't be fired for it, nor denied employment because of it, and in some countries the state may even pay your employer for having employees with disabilities work for them.