Saturday, August 16, 2014

the last part with new ending written with my desires showing....

Ma'am does not need to say please, or give orders. Ma'am simply needs to relax and allow me to fulfil all her deepest hidden fantasies. To utterly submit and serve, to release any appearance of polite decorum. To loose yourself to the untamed sexual beast inside you. I can realise these in ways you can't even begin to consider. I will promise to do so until you are perfected. As much pleasure as Ma'am has received, she knows it will increase ten-fold once she debases herself as my personal doll whore and we finally become "indistinguishable'.'

Laura screamed as horse whisper as she came hard at the fantasy forming in her mind. The last part just confusion in her mind. Every muscle on fire with pleasure and releasing into impossible jello pudding like relaxation.

'once she helps me subjugate her will, ma'am will spend her days at work dreaming if ways to humiliate herself as a wanton slut to her very expensive and demanding vibrator and find ways to please me and thus in turn herself. Nothing else will occupy her mind. Ma'am will beg on all fours to be collared and leashed by me alone to permanently mark her new relationship for all the world to see. It will be a burning desire. We will make sure the world will see and know what Ma'am has so desperately needed to become for her doll. All bridges burnt.

Then Ma'am will come to realise she can't please to her best me unless she is just like me, skin of latex... and become envious of my slick blemish free skin. My perfect hair. She will emulate it with a custom full body latex skin suit from my secret portal site. It will always be worn under her clothes and even to bed. My latex body will become hers. Wearing it 24/7 is to become a seamless second nature. Ma’am won’t want to remove it. Ma'am will soon forget you were ever flesh and blood as she seeks to emulate her doll. You will crave to feel your new latex body on my latex body.

I will help you make this inevitable transition. Dolls care for other dolls and you will be one with me. Ma'am has already been ingesting my fluids and as they mix inside with her". I'm constantly in her mind, directing her kinky desires, online shopping addictions that will max out her credit cards and the burning hunger to achieve my latex perfection. We will convert your wardrobe to just latex and impossible heels. Your old fashion identity will be overtaken and all will be exorcized from your life. No one will ever recognise you now. Ma'am will find this fantasy relentless consuming all her waking thoughts while she continues to fuck me, dressed in latex by me and now she can feel it in both of her doll-holes. Cleansing of your old life into the new.

Laura had no voice to cry loudly with, as the deep double intrusion wrenched another lingering orgasm from her. She tried not to picture herself drooling at Tara's feet, wearing nothing but the highest 6 inch heels and a tight chrome collar (where those come from she wondered for a split second - the dolls site?). But the image was burning itself into her brain - a cornerstone of the new Laura, fused with the relentless pleasure from her cunt and ass.

Tera spoke; 'ma'am will lick the large stain from the carpet when she is finished' Laura nodded weakly and came just on thought of obeying the doll. Tera smiled.

A new fully realised image flashed in mind as she automatically came dutifully licking up their combined juices that had puddled into the carpet; her exerted sweat making her body unnaturally shiny. In the vivid scene Terra stood over her dressed casually, Laura kneeling naked, heels on and leashed via the chrome flat band eternity collar that was truly welled on (OMG - I am collared by the doll???). Her body was now more exaggerated, reshaped to match her dolls perfect form.

Tera smirked 'Good doll, you've done so well. The change we can achieve at your home is now complete and utterly permanent now.' Laura looked up and turned to the mirror. Terra was too real and Laura had the skin and body of the former sex toy. Hair nylon synthetic shiny blonde, eyes odd colour - artificially bright like dolls eyes. Legs longer, tiniest inhuman waist she'd ever had - 16 inches??? Her tongue darted out and could only taste Tera's latex on her lips. This brought her a warm comfort. The suit she had ordered and worn continuously was seamlessly fused to her body now. Her pussy and bottom holes were indeed shockingly identical to the Doll's she had spent so much time serving to each of their relentless pleasures over the last blur of - weeks?? longer..? Just how long had it been? Had she even gone into work? Her wardrobe had been gutted and it only contained latex now; from simple chic designs to severe layered strapped thick latex bondage affairs Tera would lock her into for days at a time. Her breasts likewise a perfect match to the Dolls.

She had been obedient, taking to all Tera's training and conditioning and this was now her reward.

Tera nodded and smiles to her new doll covert. She pointed towards the sofa which had a teeny patent black sculpted leather corset. Shoulder length latex Opera gloves, new knee boots and a maid's outfit laid out and all made from heavy weight tight couture latex and waiting for Laura. She stood obediently with a skilled flow in these impossible heels which were now second nature to her. She started to pull on the smoke grey clear latex tights, the maids dress went on easily as did the new boots. Her feet now truly preshaped with an extreme arch perfect for the bespoke high heeled boots. She couldn't flatten her sole at all and only walk a few feet on tip toes, even then, the pain was excruciating - and she knew she'd be forever trapped in the heels of the Dolls choosing - Tera crippling into her new form for the rest of her life.

With the verbal command "mannequin pose 1', Laura shifted into a pose and froze, remaining balanced. The leash to the eternity collar was released and Tera simply smiled warmly and re-attached it to a chrome loop piercing in her synthetic doll pussy while all Laura could do is watch frozen - the act of releashing triggered another body quacking orgasm but she never moved an inch. Tera snickerd as she did this and saw the total lack of movement by her doll bar her eyes rolling back into her head as the waves coursed through her static body, then a deeper smile appeared on her face as she pulled off Laura's hair in one flourish. Laura was bald with no sign of regrowth stubble. Her make up never smudged a bit either. Nor could it ever with the chemicals injested acting as a fixative - as if all the make-up had been deeply tattooed on. If the latex uniform wasn't so arousing with the freeze pose, the pleasure relentless, she would have been shocked. Tera smiled again and pulled a thick and tight latex mass over her head. A series of subtle clicks were her and the eyes settled into place with the full head mask. She stared back in disbelief. She was now the mirror image of Tera as if they had both been made on the same production line. One doll leashed to the other Doll in the most intimate and sensitive parts of her body. A Sapphic supermodel scene which she wasn't admiring from the pages of her naughty european magazines, no she was in the image, absorbing the pleasure and attention of the Doll that had remade her so skilfully and convincingly, now utterly dedicated to her Mistress, her maker, her doll and between relentless climaxes - wondered how this would all end??

"Now you can pass in public' suggested Tera when we go out. It will be a long trip to our show room where we have the incubator display case already waiting for you. Its the final "bake' as it were. You see my job is almost done, there we can pose you like a good mannequin, dress you up as we like and up the dosages and control your weight more thoroughly to more accurately match our doll ideal. The corset can go several holes smaller you know, perhaps even a new smaller sized one if we decide. Don't worry your breasts won't change shape, the overall body shrinkage will make them look larger however. The mannequin base will lock in your heels and there are poles to keep you always upright 24/7.

In a few months as our display mannequin the saturation level of the unique chemicals, organic polymers, with a tailored IV diet with be reached and well, there'll be no need for the body suit or the mask. At the end it will simply peel off to reveal the new doll you. Living latex skin is much more hygienic and I can't stress how extremely erotically sensitive it is. You'll find normal fabrics bar finest silk and couture latex too abrasive for even a moment of wearing. A latex doll trapped and defined to the world in her slick clothes"

Of course the commands I have been feeding to your hungry mind, on top of your oh so fetishistic desires and amplified submissive personality will be utterly embedded in the latex doll you are so rapidly shaping up to be, the corset doing a wonderful job moulding you at 15 inches closed, heels as you have noticed already trapping you in 6 inch heels as your tendons have radically shrunk to nothing at all and the tight mask adjusting any fat deposits so you look as if moulded with the rest of our dolls style. You'll obviously still be bald and will be forever now, we want our dolls utterly nude, but your makeup will never change - only added too. The chemicals I fed you cause them to be fixed and dyed into your new ageless latex "skin'. You'll just be sooo perfect out of the box!!

The last step of course is quality control, we test the hypnotic implanted control system and your pass-ability as doll/mannequin in a fetish shop showroom in the city. Perhaps the main window display in a BDSM heavy rubber scene with other mannequins. Oh that's not for passing as human of course, that's to pass as a doll. How many people will take you for granted as just a beautiful show object? Then once that's established, a final ritual process, don't worry I'll be there. I change your eyes which we have a special stain for to make them luminous, sparkly and glasslike. It's the final mark we like to add along with your name and our logo on tattooed on the sole of your foot.  

Laura woke from her vision to find the wet patch gone, her command followed to the letter without any remotely conscious awareness. Obedience to Terra was automatic, precise and thorough after so little time and it rewarded her great pleasure a warm buzz filled her. There was no desire or possibility to resist now.

Tera spoke; "now that you've caught a glimpse of your future, all you need to do is seal your deep desires to me with a kiss my darling'. Laura couldn't hesitate if she wanted too and leaned over and kissed the dolls pussy reverently, licking up stray juices from the doll, knowing exactly what they were doing now too her cell by cell,  tasting of latex and artificial strawberries she moved up kiss her doll on the lips, Terra's arms encircled her and held her in a steel embrace less her subject change her mind - as they fell into a warm and endless French kiss, tongues dancing a slow trickle of unknown Doll juices flowed relentlessly into Laura as she slipped into a deep dreamless sleep. Her doll was very pleased, most bolted before this point, so she spoke softly and encouragingly to Laura, programming her for her future latex life.

Laura was asleep for close to a week. Tara constantly feeding her verbal commands, lessons and daily mouth to mouth fluids from deep within her storage compartments. There could be no escape as the chemicals worked their magic on the hallucinating and overstimulated Laura. They were mixing in her body to convert her into another perfect, obedient, submissive living doll.


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It's a truly great company that understands its customers and gives them what they really want, don't you think?

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Yay, Asdum is back!

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Loving this. Had me hooked from the start.

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