Sunday, September 10, 2017

for my own amusement

i collect images etc for the blog but sometimes they inspire me even though the text is way off what i'd want or gender etc etc.

so i delete the text, and in a basic notepad i work up my own stories from the image that inspires me. i generally start by copying the source text so i have it then start revising and editing it.

this is the latest once i am working on - image captures so much.

if anyone knows the models or sources and rest of the sequence the please let me know and share.

the 2nd half

"You’re so broken and docile that I haven’t had to punish you for weeks, and I can hardly remember the last time you were allowed to cum! A trap of permanent edging with the keys and commands in my control. My secret small red leather book of commands. Submission to me is nectar to you now as is feeding on my nectar… Yes, my work is done and you’re almost my perfect doll - one that I’ll keep forever.

You see I’ve always made the dolls for wealthy clients and of course they weren’t volunteers. That limited what I could do because of this small ‘hindrance’. Oh they looked great and acted perfectly as you do already but they lack a personal artistic touch, a realisation of my desires and their burning need for _Me_ above all else. This final element means all conditions, limits are simply - gone. Their acts of submission were programmed and automatic and while yours are, they are so enhanced; you wanted this. They were simply make overs with conditioning versus a full structural rebuild of a house and all new appliances… So shiny and new. Litterally shiny as well (giggles)

With your burning need to please me, to be with me as my lover and your secret and very pronounced latex fetish combined and my own deep admiration of what you’ve become and will become.

Oh I can take you so much further… so many possibilities to explore. All of the permanent and of increasing …. artificialness. Perhaps further shaping and cutting to make you a perfect dolled duplicate of your Mistress. Who better to serve and please me than me? "


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