Saturday, March 26, 2011

fetish haute couture

seems the designers are now using latex from Libidex's sister company Radical Rubber for various new collections, as witnessed by Theirry Mugler Catwalk Show in his 2011/2012 Autumn/Winter collection at Paris Fashion week.

on the the items was a long coat was worn for a cover shoot and spread in i-D magazine by Lady Gaga. images of that shoot and the cover can be found detailed here.



Anonymous said...

Pity we didn't get to see more of the outfits--I was really wanting a closer look at the latex stuff, along with the hobble skirts, and the clear/flesh-toned corset.

In general: I think the fashion show tried too hard. Twisted ankles from a) extreme high heels and b) trying to pull off theatrical sashaying in the dark, are not a good thing.

Under the circumstances the designers could have been forgiven for going with somewhat more forgiving heels. Maybe.

Just saying (out of some sympathy for the models).

Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

The super thick platforms are simply ugly... and freaky... note attractive.

Bad taste for people who have no taste.