Sunday, March 13, 2011

i only just saw the video...

how did i miss it? really its simply because I barely watch TV shows that have not been dl'd.

now the question should be how did all my regular readers not spot it and tell me about it? please do contribute. if nothing else it lets me know that someones reading it.

i'd love to know as well if you found the blog inspiring at all; in any way really.



Blohme said...

When I have issues with my art work, I visit here. You're far enough out of my realm that everything is converse to what I work with. Besides, I use some of the pics to create better details in the pin-ups that I paint.

Chris Blohme.

jeandoll said...

I find you blog very inspiring and exellent source of dolliness.

As for so called artist, every two-bit-wannabe novadays tries to make neme with using elements what you can see in this video. As a music this is a bore.

Anonymous said...

Was not too inspired by the video until about the 2 min mark. Then it heated up with several visually stimulating fantasies. One wonders if mannequin strings can be firmly wrapped around areolae? Just a thought...divine thoughts