Sunday, March 13, 2011

once a week for about four weeks

i've been buying 5" heels to expand my collection. my lovely 4"s and lower are simply not getting worn at all. i just bought another pair this weekend.

i also have a custom order for knee high wedge black pvc boots - custom i might add - which i should have by the end of the month. they should look somewhat like the bellow with obviously thicker calfs due to me having thicker calfs than the photo.

the next pair will definitely the be clear plastic 5"s from the polish online store. so will order those will buy next week with a bit of luck.

is that enough heels for now? ;-)



Felicia said...

They look lovely! Where are you getting them done? I have been looking all over for some wedge knee highs like that for ages that will fit my large size feet.

They look fabulous! :D

Unknown said...

Fantastic looking boots. I would also like to know how you are getting them.

The question that I'm obsessing over right now is, since you're leaving 4" heels behind, have you also quit on flats?

Doll feet that work with heels don't do flats, and doll feet for flats don't work with heels.

So I'm wondering...

Josey said...

Wow! Lovely shoes! <3 I was wondering where you are getting them made? I wouldn't mind ordering a pair myself! :3

I hope the high heel training is going good! ^^

Anonymous said...

wow, these are great!
Id love to get a pair for my girlfriend to convince her of the style of rubber/pvc an wear it more often.
Btw, is the inner lining cloth or none and pure rubber?