Tuesday, May 31, 2011

living rubber dolls long walk

no, not the head to toe pink latex dolls, rather two models who appear to have Barbie or at least mannequin like shapes:

sadly embedding is turned off so do not proceed to anything else on the blog - just go here and enjoy the video of Valerie & Alexandra at the Fetish Evolution 2011.

of course for maximum detail view it in high def and remember you can actually save videos off of youtube with various plug ins and websites.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic and the picture and the video, that I immediately downloaded. They are so cute and the latex is soo good on them. i hope one day to be able to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Alexandra is so easy on her heels ! :-o Stuning !

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed. Starstruck. *__*

In awe of the lady walking in ballet heels. And the corseting. And the outfits. And that they both appear to be used to it and having a wonderful time.

Well done and I'm sure that lots of people will have inspiration--things to dream about--tonight.

Brad Poe (and well, yeah....we could use some inspiration. All of us.)

Andy.latex said...

It's just two girls, walking along a corridor, what's so special about that?
WOW! it is amazing that is what, you can have all the fancy fetish set ups you wnat but the sight of these two gorgeous girls and their perfect latex bodies is all you need.
No frills, no effects just beautiful girls who really know how to wear latex. Simpley wonderful.

Agithe said...

After all the videos of women in that kind of footwear stumbling around, it is impressive to see that it is possible.

Would be nice to know if Alexandra Potter can walk around like that all day or only for a short time.

I have once had to throw a girl over my shoulder and carry her the last half mile home because she could not go farther in her new high-heeled boots.


Anonymous said...

Really well suits and bodies to match !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing video!
Anyone know of other videos like this? Please do tell!

Anonymous said...

Alexandra is a trained ballerina and so pointe work is a natural for her. But of course pointe work takes years of training.

Most fetish people who wear ballet style shoes or boots are so awkward in them it's laughable. Makes me think of a 5 yr old girl walking around in her mother's heels.

As a lover of ballet and fetish it is delightful to see the two come together in Alexandra. I am wondering if she is really into kink or this is just a means for her to cash out on all her hard work.... not that it matters. She clearly doesn't mind the association with fetish... and she's a super fetish model in motion.

I was actually put off by the entire ballet boot "thing" in the fetish world because of the awkwardness displayed by those wearing them in vids. Alexandra kind of restores my interest. But one needs a ballet trained fetishist partner... I suppose. A man can dream... can't he?

Anonymous said...

Better link :)


Anonymous said...

the one in brown is the most beautiful creature in the world

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