Monday, August 08, 2011

i love this evocative magical image - found!!!!!

as found on the Samatha deSavory's TGirl Captions who has the most amazing taste in images to caption. go have a look at her blog. the text may not be your thing though her selection of source images definitely can be bent towards our shared fetishes.

so where did it come from? magazine? issue and number? or just really good scans of the entire shoot would be good too as it would save me hunting the issue down and doing my own scanning done.


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Asudem Latex said...

thanks to K Smith who wrote to me not only identifying the model but also the date and magazine. once i knew that it was pretty easy to find with google images.

so look for this image: US Vogue March 2008 A Man of Distinction 05.jpg

or google images : US Vogue March 2008 A Man of Distinction 05

and look for different sizes.

thanks again K!!!