Sunday, August 07, 2011

now if they would make them...

... with a higher heel

i was flipping around ebay for rain boots to see if the styles had gotten more creative and found these that come in a range of bright primary colors. they are sooo like the barbie shoes and boots that i remember playing with.

i think they're actually copies of a design Melissa does which isn't surprising as Melissa is at the cutting edge of molded plastic footware. still the heels pretty low and thus not suitable for me. my arches are pretty pronounced now and they don't go down at all. i can manage flats and sneakers on occasion so i've not gotten 'trapped' yet.

i'm very interested to see where this idea of molded clothing may take us.



FantasticRubber said...

Can you post a link, please ?

Asudem Latex said...

they seem to be coming from Korea. here's link.

i wonder if you could get a black pair and make a latex boot out of them. knee length or upper thigh?

if so do keep me updated about it.