Tuesday, August 16, 2011

possible TG Birthday Fashion Show in 3D

well he said try it so i am. you need to be running the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.

General 3D: Embedded Player


Anonymous said...

i have the latest version of firefox and can not see anything image.

jeandoll said...

Me too have similar broblem can't see a thing

Anonymous said...

I'll add my two pence worth as well I am also unable to see any thing I think you have messed up some where please try again all the best.

Anonymous said...

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raptor said...

I also have the latest version of firefox and can't see anything save for a blank rectangular box

Anonymous said...

Same over here.

Just a black frame on firefox.


Blackice said...

Sorry - I'm guessing its not working on blogger so I'll send in the direct links so Asudem can update it so everyone can see it on the hosts page.

Its www.3df33d.tv if anyone wants to go look and ferret around the 3d videos to find them.


Anonymous said...

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