Sunday, October 23, 2011

anyone know more about this art film? - found!

still obsessed with the video / avert with the two girls on a bicycle who find a small wooden dolls house in the forest and are tricked and trapped there by a doll in a tea party.



Anonymous said...

jeandoll said...

Brings to my mind wonderful animated movie "coraline"

Anonymous said...

This blog will be offline in the not too distant future... asudem has little to add to the genre... and at best copies and pastes and adds nothing new....

It's done.

Anonymous said...

For the nameless, "Anonymous" hater above me....

Are you serious? If so, claim your words--give us a name or something to respond to.

Beyond that? What do we see YOU doing yourself? Do you do better? Links or it's not happening.

Seriously. I'm not normally the sort of guy to pull this--I've been critical before myself. And on the other side of it, I _know_ how hard it is to try to create against a rising tide of blocked writing and general "What Can I Do Now?" -ism.

But really. Asudem is DOING something. Even if some of the stuff is copied and pasted, honestly there is NOTHING wrong with supporting what she does any way she can.

She's doing stuff. Are you?

And for that matter...can the critics and haters please make up their minds? First you show up as grammar-nazis attacking her efforts at creative writing and then you attack her for _not_ being original.

I think I smell trolling and bashing. People showing up just to be hateful, nothing more.


Bradley Poe (yeah, that guy, and I'm appalled that the personal attacks are _this_ flagrant and undisguised lately, WTF people?)

Anonymous said...

nah... Bradly... you need to look around and read some other kinky blogs... regardless of whether you are into the blogger's kink... most are much better than this in original content, comments by the blogger, command of the language, graphics... you name it.

Dollying is interesting... This blogger for all the years of publishing a blog has demonstrated no evidence that they even exist in any manner remotely related to who they claim to be.

How many of these female blogs are male created? Do you know how many males are into Xdressing and female dollying? MOST or MALES.

The scene is pretty out and open in big cities and welcoming and protective. Steffy is out.. Kerry is... many others... Asudem can't seem to show up in disguise at a single fetish event.

I thing this blog is going off the air because the blogger is bored with the shtick... This stuff gets old when you don't actually DO it.

parangsakti said...

Here's the full version. Just a 10min movie

in HD!

Rebe said...

I don't get it. Kinda scary too.