Saturday, October 01, 2011

my new story

is now uploaded at Gromet's Plaza who helped with the spelling etc. supposedly it wasn't too bad.

if anyone wants to collaborate on stories please drop me a msg.

i'm currently playing with some ideas for a sequel to Molly Dolly which is more of a continuation.

also check out Caza Dolly's archive of fiction at Cazas Book Club who shares a lot of my fetishes and into serious waist training. although i'm not sure if she's ever tried latex?

she has a blog too so do visit it and leave comments and feedback. its sometime the only thing that keeps us bloggers going besides religiously looking at the counter.



Anonymous said...

hey! do you still have somewhere

Asudem Latex said...

ummm maybe? you'll need to describe it for me


Anonymous said... <- this

Anonymous said...

What a shit story!

Anonymous said...

Focused is the English spelled of the word... focussed is the British. Whether is not spelled -Wether-

This is a terribly written story. Forget the content... which is your fantasy. The writing is like that of a child... or a doll? Someone who never went to school. Why anyone would publish this is a mystery.

In fact, I've noticed that the writing, grammar, and so forth of this blog is juvenile and seems to be going bad to worse. It's hard to make sense of this. Is this what the age of twitter has given us?

The Reviewer said...

This story is all about the fetish, and that's all anyone can get from this weak storytelling. Your interest in becoming a doll must be very shallow, because there is nothing in your "writing" that shows any excitement, any eroticism, any true pleasure in what has happened to your character--and I don't count "ooooh" as pleasure.

In short, you seem to be one of those people who gets off on being in latex and little more.


Asudem Latex said...

well I have made countless calls for help in this regard and no one has replied to offer help.

neither of you either (assuming your different people).

i don't see your stories up anywhere either let alone your own blog.

so thanks for the heartfelt support.


Asudem Latex said...

yes i did find the juicy mov.

so did you want a copy?


Anonymous said...


I have sent you a story idea..perhaps a chapter years ago... tried to reach out to you to *help* you with your journey as I live in NY and assumed you did as well.

I understand the fear and anxiety people have exposing their fetish persona to other real people and so the internet is where they let it hand out. It's mostly interactive (when there is interaction) fantasy. Nothing wrong with that either. Just some people have the courage to get real and share the experience with others and those who do report having a ball doing it.

Some people publish photos of their fetish outfits and use that as a means to attract someone of like interests. I am sure you've been to fetlife which has thousands of people doing just that.

Some actually do get the courage to attend balls and so forth.. even wearing a mask to hide their face from strangers who would not recognize them and never see them again.


I've followed your blog because some of the topics your deal with interest me. Some don't. But many people lose interest in dealing with someone who refuses to *get real*... ever. And I think this is true for you. Don't know what your fear is or what your deal is.

Are you a 14 year old? A gay old man? An aspiring crossdresser? A female fetishists who is uptight but curious and gets off on reactions even if it's online? People put stuff out online because it fulfills some need they have.

And remember... no one likes to be deceived.. or feel that someone is deceiving them... even nicely.

What might that really be?

Anonymous said...

Why don't correct the spelling in the header of your blog:

Wether is not an English word... it's been pointed out to you. Does it matter? If not why not? How can you be taken seriously when someone offers a constructive suggestion and it's ignored?

Anonymous said...

yes could you upload a copy of the juicy mov somewhere?

Jennifer WIlson said...

First of all, this is a free site and no one is making anyone read it. Ausdem volentaryily posts her thoughts and photos that please her. Maybe the grammar and spelling are not up to everyones standard, but then is that what is important here? Asudem is making an effort which most of us do not.
I find in life that instead of harmful criticism, helpfull kind words with a LITTLE point for improvment works much better. I enjoy Asudem's postings very much, and sure some of the items do not interest me greatly but all life is like that, wonderful parts, good parts, average parts and not so good parts.
Asudem, you have a supporter and admirer in me. Keep up the good work.


PS The anonymous commenter should look to their own spelling before critisizing others.

Anonymous said...


Your point is well taken... and I DO enjoy many of the posts here. I've been reading them since the very beginning. I have made a few suggestions gently... avoided harsh criticism and at times been encouraging. But sometimes I am direct and perhaps too direct.

I don't care about typos and such... in comments and so forth...we all make them... but in published works, I'd expect a little more care. I know how much time dolls take in getting their look perfect... spending hours and hours over an outfit, dressing and make up. So it seems a little more attention to language would be in order... I would think. Maybe not.

I plead guilty to making many mistakes in my English in comments for example, but there is not opportunity to edit once submitted. Asudem has that option and I wish she would fix the header.. Whether she does it or not is her own business.

Paul said...

Mother always told me... If you don't have anything good to say then don't say it at all.

Anonymous said...

Mother was giving you constructive criticism... nothing wrong with that.