Tuesday, December 27, 2011

will i be the first to share the Xmas present?

whats an idea, a real object and also a gift? answer - something Blackice came up with before xmas which he's been giving away.

i had a press release like thing sent to major rubber bloggers and fetish magazines as i could see via the cc's. i maybe the first to share with you all and i've downloaded it definitely has some kink and fetish content. here's the links to the separete files that need to be RAR'd back togther:

http://bit.ly/tdzIh1 (716.8 MB)
http://bit.ly/sssBuy (716.8 MB)
http://bit.ly/tPsRVO (716.8 MB)
http://bit.ly/tLMLch (402.3 MB)

i have no idea how to make them clickable and downloadable so just copy and past them into your browser.

here's what he said:

"Think of it as a dvd version of a mix tape. It comes with VLC for mac / pc and media will work on smart phones too. iPad owners can download VLC for free off the app store. Videos are 1/4 PAL and even had it upscale on giant plasma. Worked so well I was invited to another party just to play it."

You can watch as you like, however I suggest you just use the _PLAY SUPPOSE vlc playlist so you experience the structure I decided on and crafted."

oh yes its also all sourced off youtube so anyone can make something similar. its actually very good and its free so why not have a go. one not is that it may need a new sequential play list made which is in the notes due to how VLC player works.

so thanks and rubbery hugs to Blackice for over 4+hrs of cool tv programing! prefect laptop stuff for those long flights or train rides.

also i mentioned it was a gift of an idea (btw - what is this new format called 'Mix tape DVD isn't catchy enough imho). my plan is for Valentines Day i will make a dollsrealm version!!!



blackice said...

Hi Asudem!

Glad you like it. Hope other people can start making them too. I have been trying to get a friend here to make one just based on all his FB 50's and 60's music video posts.

Brad has one hopefully but the costs were so high on mailing direct to everyone in the US I know so had a relay in NC to forward them on.

Of course they actualy have to watch it too.

Love to see your Dollsrealm version. Glad to see your back. I'll keep supporting your efforts the best I can.

One extra bit of news of future projects is a 3d movie based around this shiny stuff.



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